Mesmerising Mūi Nè

Grateful Traveller

It’s a beautiful day and the team we’re all excited because we are heading to Mũi Né a coastal fishing town in the Bình Thuận Province of Vietnam. We decided to have a day trip.

It is my first time here and I only know we are in to a hot and dry “dessert” place that looks good photos. I’m looking forward to take decent photos of our trip.

We left HCM at 7am in our hotel , after an hour of driving we stopped  for breakfast.

Our van was nice and comfortable. We brought lots of snacks to last 5 hours of road trip. We sang songs, cracked jokes and zzzzz slept a lot too.

Glad summer had a great sleep last night as she totally in good mood. No whining at all. At 9:30am she already fell asleep on her own.

We hired a van tour that will…

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