A Ride to Megamalai Highwavys Mountain Ranges.


Megamalai – ‘The High Wavys Mountain Ranges’


Megamalai also known as “Paccha Kumachi” in Tamil,means ‘Green Peaks’ is knownfor the cool and misty High wavy mountain ranges. Megamalai is situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district, Tamil Naduat an elevation of 1,500 m above sea level.This is the one of thevery fewunexploredverdantHill Stations in South India. As you get closer to Megamalai, the waves like formation of the ‘High wavys’ mountain ranges and therefreshing denselush green hills with tea plantations will start creating a visual splendor to any Nemophilists.

Meghamalai02Most of the 6000acres of tea plantation in megamalai is owned by the private tea planters that includes The Highwavys Estates owned by The Woodbriar Group, Ananda Plantations, Ponsiva Plantations and Feildmede Estate. It’s sohard to spot any restaurants orhotels once you enter the top hills of megamalai, other than private owned cottages like the one maintained by Woodbriar Groups…

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