Among the stars….. ❤


Pin drop silence all around the house except the tickling of clock. The clock shows it is eleven o’clock at night. An old bollywood track was playing. “आओ हुजूर तुमको सितारों में ले चलूँ ……”(oh my love come, I will take you to the stars)
Kartik sat on a sofa with a glass of wine in his hand. Leaned backwards , eyes closed and wet chicks. This song reminds him of Kavita -his first and last love. She always used to sing this song for Kartik. The melody of the song drove Kartik down in the memory lane.

November 2007. Final year of engineering. Kartik went on a college trip to Manali. Some fifty odd students attended that trip. Trip included hiking, paragliding and many other adventurous events. That night was the coldest one. Camp fire was set.

All the students sat beside the fire circling it. After some minutes…

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