My little packages.


They heard the doorbel ring. Miya opened the door.

“You have a few packages from We-cart.” the delivery boy told her.

There stood five big-small packages in front of her.

“We didn’t order anything from We-cart. Did we?”, asked Akio, who was listening to his wives conversation with the delivery boy.

“No Akio, I am sure that we haven’t ordered anything online. I think you got the wrong door”, Miya exclaimed.

“I am sure this is the address. The packages are in the name of Chiyo Akio.”

Miya was filled with anger. “Chiyo!!!” she called from the front door.

Laying on the bed, playing games in her mom’s phone, was Chiyo.

 “I think my orders have arrived”, the 5 year old girl smirked and ran to collect her “little” packages!

I can surely relate this to someone!

If you can relate to this story, comment down below.


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