Taking My Friend to Borobudur Temple!!!

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I met Maggie from my friend Ada Lee who just stayed at my place. They met on the way to Bali and then Maggie wants to come to Yogyakarta. So, Ada Lee recommends Maggie to stay at my place. So, they contact me.


For the first trip, I took Maggie to Borobudur Temple and had diner in Raminten Restaurant. Then for the rest she had her own trips in Yogyakarta. I’m very happy to have a new friend.


One of my friends in my boarding house joined us and it was her first time to visit Borobudur also. It was fun and nice day. We have enjoyed our day in Borobudur. I’ve told Maggie to touch the statue inside the temple. We do believe here if you can touch it, so you can make a wish.


Maggie is almost touching the statue. Then we took pictures together. Almost all of…

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