How Toastmasters Helped Turn Things Around For Me

This is me

I vaguely remember what I studied in the first year of college, however I do remember how it felt to be there in the year 2012.

Being a shy and a submissive person, I was often told that since I was not good at studies, I need to work harder to ‘make my career’. 

I was a 19 year old girl when I first visited a Toastmasters club. Knowing that ‘Public speaking’ often caused fear amongst people, I sensed that my fear was slightly lesser than most of the people out there.

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After a month of continuously running away from the idea of joining the club, I was made to register as a member by my sister. The scariest moment for me had to be when I was asked to come on the stage and give an impromptu speech for a minute.  I ran away in the funniest ways possible…

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