Leah’s Sunshiny Day

The Golden Wave

Today is my best friend, Leah’s birthday. She is the most special, kind hearted, sweetest soul you’ll ever, ever meet. She is genuine in all her ways, a true friend, and my biggest support system. I always tell everyone she’s my angel here on Earth. Leah is very humble, so while I can easilybrag about how incredible she is, you’ll never catch her doing that. (Although, I totally think she should strut down the streets like she’s Beyoncé, because she deserves to.)

In honor of her 24th birthday, here are 24reasons why “My love for Leah can’t compare to a Sunshiny day.” – A line from a poem her father wrote her, the most touching and heartfelt piece of poetry I have ever had the absolute honor of reading.

1. She is extremely compassionate.

2. She is the most loyal friend.

3. She is beyond supportive of people following…

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