Birthday and Blog Collaboration!

Ipuna Black

It was my birthday yesterday 🎂 🎉 and what a great way to celebrate it with a blog collaboration! Collaboration with a Purpose is back! Our first collaboration was on Coping with LOSS. We had 10 different bloggers post on the topic of loss in hopes to reach anyone who may have been struggling with it. Our next collaboration will have 12 bloggers! Yeah! We have decided to collaborate on a different theme each month and post on the 5th of the month. Everyone will post at any time on that day. Here are the upcoming themes.


  1. July 5th: Strength (Post about either a time in your life when you felt an experience made you stronger or if you want to talk about strength in general).
  2. August 5th: One Step Toward the Impossible. (Even the smallest gestures can make a difference, and/or a goal may seem impossible, but…

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  1. Hey! Happy birthday 😊😊

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