Movie date with your crush ;)


Hey beautiful people . Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Some of us must be hanging out with friends n family ,having dinners,parties,enjoying in night clubs . Great ! Some are at a movie hall with their gf/bf/crush. Yes crush 😉

Movie date with your crush is always exiting and full of confusion as well.Oh yeah because we got confused whether to watch movie or stare at our person 😉 Lol

Ok,So lets check out what happens when you are with your crush :

1 . First of all you will find and book the most comfortable seats.

2 . Your Will check the person sitting next to your partner wether they are looking genuine or jerk.

3 . While movie is going on your Will be asking a number of times to your person that they are sitting comfortably or not. Awww that’s sweet .haha lol

4. Your focus…

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