Not Your Typical Introvert

Solivagant Spirit


I don’t always have my nose buried in a book,

You will not always find me hiding in a nook,

I like talking to people.


This is normal for me,

I’m not unstable.

I don’t have an outgoing best friend,

I may not even be good in studies,

I can be like you,

Addicted to TV,

Addicted to Sleep.

I don’t stay quiet all the time,

“Why are you so quiet”,

A daily chime.

When I talk, it comes as a shock,

When I don’t, you ask why I won’t…


I prefer staying alone,

That’s a given,

But when you isolate me to the bone,

Come on, I’m only human..

What’s wrong in wanting to stay alone?

Whats wrong in wanting to have some tranquility?

Give us a break,

Give me a chance,

Maybe I am someone,

Who you wouldn’t even give a glance,

But once you get to…

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  1. Very beautifully conveyed.

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