The Talking Stories: Book Review

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​Title: The Talking Stories

Author: Heena Joshi and Kartikeya Chauhan

Total Number of Pages: 93

Format: PDF

Kindle Price: INR 100

Publication Date: 11 July 2017

Language: English


Book Description:

Stories, if told with a dab of emotions, tint of mystery, pinch of obscurity and touch of completeness, turn into sagas. The Talking Stories is an effort for the same and brings you stories, some of which will touch you, some will leave you dumbfounded and some will charm you into their mysterious veil.

Review by Sohinee Dey

This book was provided to me in exchange of my honest opinion. So here goes—

Talking stories is a co-authored book; Heena Joshi and Kartikeya Chauhan are the authors of this book. It is a very short read which consists of only 93 pages. This book can be considered as a…

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