Pushkar – Is a Perfect Carefree Escape We All Wanted.

Travelling Buddha

I always feel Rajasthan is one of the most underrated places in India. From people, food to places Rajasthan is a journey of a lifetime.It has  so many things that it may take one whole lifetime to actually discover and explore this charming and rustic place. So here I am with the Rajasthan series.

Rajasthan is famous for alluring  places and one such destination is Pushkar.  There is no place like it, the moment you put your first step here you are greeted with authentic Rajasthan.

I was so awe struck thinking how in this modern age and era when everything is going west Pushkar is still desi and in such an amazing way that you actually feel proud that you are part of such an awesome country.


You can see people doing their usual business in traditional Rajasthani clothes, the streets and architecture are still the same, so precious. . Food is absolutely to die…

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