Stuffed Peppers – Where Is the Beef?


You think veganism is a recent trend? Think again! You think feminism was invented in the twentieth century? Missed it by about 2400 years!


Meet Orpheus, mythical Ancient Greek poet and musician, a hero of one of the best-known love stories of all times (if you are wondering about the black hole behind his lire, that had been a clock face, and we’ve been looking for a matching 18th century clock for almost twenty years, as this bronze was my in-laws’ wedding present; we are still looking…). Orpheus loved his wife Euridice, but sadly, she died. Inconsolable, Orpheus conceived a fantastic plan: he would go down into the Underworld Kingdom of Hades and beg his mom Percephone, who just happened to be married to Hades at the time, to convince Hades to release his beloved Euridice back into the world of living. Crazy? Not to his mind! If he was…

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