Easy, Baby friendly, and nutritious recipes 

Mommy to my son_neha

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Food becomes more of an agenda and a task for mothers when their kids jump from breastfeeding to solids. And the question of what is best for a child is like a chisel. Solid, semi solid, liquid. Thick liquid, flowy liquid, what should I make? Why is he eating so much? Is he fine? Oh my God! He is not eating at all today. Is he fine? Our lives become a ping-pong ball between room and kitchen. So, let’s learn some simple home-made recipes for your little one, that can easily achieve nutrition success.

When my son was two days short of 6 months old, I was dancing with joy. I literally made a list of things I would do which I couldn’t earlier as I was feeding. For 6 months, I was tied to him. Pumping didn’t work for…

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