That one change you want to bring to the Indian society



As the saying goes, The pen is mightier than the sword, I was wondering if the blogging community can make the voice of the aam aurat be heard.

The movie Lipstick under my burkha! has subtly highlighted the following issues in the form of a satire.

But the one thing I really want to see is dignity and respect for the woman in this male chauvinistic society. I feel that this one change can eradicate a lot of problems like female infanticide, gender equality, domestic violence, dowry and harassment, molestation and rape, and so on.

What do you think can change this society for the better? Waiting to hear your comments.

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One thought on “That one change you want to bring to the Indian society

  1. The difference between the way the beti and the bahu is looked upon – how many in-laws actually think that they would not like it if their daughter was treated the same way they are treating the daughter-in-law. Waiting for the day when people will realise that the sacrifices made by the DIL when they enter a family

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