Benefits of Imagination for Children and Adults

Ipuna Black

As a child, I was always a dreamer. I made up stories, people, words, and anything my mind would let me do. There are benefits of imagination for children, but what about for adults? If we can envision how we want our future, the chances increase that we will obtain it. Isn’t this imagination? I think it is.

3 Benefits of Imagination for Children

  1. Increasecreativity
  2. Increase in language usage
  3. Increase in the ability to express positive and negative feelings and understand them better

3 Benefits of Imagination for Adults

  1. Visualize a better future
  2. Help you direct your subconscious in achieving a goal
  3. Can decrease pain and anxiety

Benefits of Imagination for Children and Adults

Why are children not as scared as adults to try new things or to learn a new language? They haven’t had the time to build the negative thoughts in their heads that remind them that…

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