Imagination A Fine Wine

Blooming Souls

Imagination is a very fine wine my love.

You drink wine of my love without even tasting it.

So let me give you the pleasure of my love without my touch.

Let me burn you tonight without engulfing you in my flames.

I will dance to the rhythm of your heart beats swirling in your arms tonight,

Like a candel flame dancing on its last breath.

Imagining a dream of our love without living it tonight let me take you there my love.

Imagination is a very fine wine,
So let me get high in your love tonight my love.

Tonight I dance not on my own but with you my love.

Imagination is a very fine wine my love,
I get high each day with a sip of your love,

Let me make you taste it tonight my love.

You can call me insane,
I have been in this…

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