NFL Predictions: Projecting Records for the AFC East

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Training camp has officially kicked off, and (un)fortunately, that allows anyone with a sports opinion to make their NFL predictions.

In reality, your favorite writers have mostly likely already made their predictions, and you have probably already read them and made peace with them. However, a lot of predictions tend to come out in tandem with the official NFL schedule, so they do not include many of the team-altering factors that have taken place since then.

So don’t worry. Here’s your latest update.

To kick off our somewhat of “too early to tell” predictions, we’ll start in the AFC East, where the New England Patriots are looking to defend their Super Bowl 51 title:

New England Patriots

Projected Record: 14-2

According to Sports Illustrated, the Patriots have averaged about 3 losses a year since 2010. That’s tough to beat.

As good as they looked last year, it’s hard not…

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