Abhilasha… 💕


Aashaon pratyashaon k bhanwar mein,

Kab se jhool rahi thi mai,

Nihswarth samvednaein,

Ab to bhul rahi thi mai.

Tere aane se jaana,

Swarth se bacha hai koi kona,

Nirasha mein ummid ki kiran,

Bitiya rani tum hi hona.

Nishchal sacchi aur pyaari,

Teri ye muskaan na badle,

Sacche, gehre rishte milein tujhe,

Par iss rishte ki pehchaan na badle❤


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My inspiration 💕

fountain hues

This one’s for my mom on her birthday ❤

I have loved you in my subconsciousness,

I have loved you in every possible way,

But it’s just millionth part of what I could ever say.

I have been weak, I have been lost,

With shattered dreams and anxiety trots,

But you have been the one standing erect,

Between my oblivion and assets brecht.

There is a special connect we share,

I guess we have been tied in together for births, centuries and years.

You have been a boon to my hastiness,

A strength to all my insecurities,

An accommodation to my itinerance,

A suspension to all my locked keys.

I wonder how God had already known,

Millions of mother in the whole wide world,

But you will be the only blessing,

I would be proud to call my own. 😘❤


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How to Get Exposure for Your Press Releases

Alexis Chateau PR

Most people think of a press release as a tool that will bring attention to their product, service, or art. Few people consider how to get eyeballs on the press release itself. But just like a social media post, feature article, or promotional video, if people don’t see the press release, then what’s the point?

The problem is that websites, journalists, and editors are rarely excited about publishing press releases. Why? Because unless you’re J.K. Rowling announcing a new Harry Potter book, or Apple announcing a new iPhone, it’s likely not the kind of news their readers are interested in.

This presents an obvious problem. How do you get eyes on what you have to say, without breaking the bank?

Great Content

Let’s face it: most press releases are making boring announcements. You may find it interesting, and maybe even your biggest fans, but will anyone else? So after writing…

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Complete Guide to NBA Free Agency (Part 2/2)

Sports Thoughts

 Image result for nba free agency

This is Part 2 of my NBA Free Agency Preview. If you haven’t done so already, please check out Complete Guide to NBA Free Agency (Part 1/2). If you have, enjoy reading about where I think these big targets should land. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Paul GeorgeImage result for paul george

Yeah, I know he’s not actually a free agent, but he might as well be one with all of the rumors flying around. I won’t spend too much time with him because I think we’ve all heard enough about it, but I want to put my piece in.

Here’s the thing. I have no idea where he’s going. Indiana wants him to go to the Celtics because they can probably get the most from Boston, but the Celtics only want George if they can get Hayward. So, if they don’t, Indiana has to look at offers in the meantime…

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Chert Dog’s First Television Interview!!!

Loriginals LLC: Creative Consciousness Energy


“Doghead is pretty easy to learn, you just have to speak from the heart.”

L.D. Marchell “My Father’s Greatest Gift:

Life Lessons from a Black English Labrador Retriever”

As some of you may know, I promised Chert Dog that I would get his story of unconditional love and forgiveness published, but that I would also promote it so that his mission and purpose would spread across the world. Today was “his” first television interview with Kara Conrad, producer and host on WBNG -TV CBS Channel 12 News featured in “Around the Tiers” segment aired Monday – Friday from 12:15- 12:30 pm. As synchronicity would have it, my booth at Otsiningo Park’s “All Paws for a Cause Dog Walk” is how this interview came about! Following is the link to the interview. Enjoy!


Local author talks book, “My Father’s Greatest Gift”


“Like” Kara Conrad on Facebook and “Follow” her…

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