Masquerade: A Prose Poem

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Stretched along in front of her was the forlorn fortress. She trailed along in the dress sewn by her seamstress, her nerves were in distress but she wore a veil of de-stress, appearing to be seamless; parting the crowd in a manner so ceaseless that the crowd erupted in a sigh so dreamless. The night was bright; the sky jewelled with sparkling stars, stretching over the horizon so far, no limits, and no bars. The different shades of the night sky, almost an aurora—a majestic sight to witness by the eyes.

The orchestrated music; symphonic, melodious, euphonic—pleasing to the ears, the harmony filled the room tranquillity yet a hint of sensuousness, unmistakable in its playfulness. Her diaphanous dress, the rhinestones catching the light, glittering merrily—a sight to behold, and then there he was, standing in amidst the crowd so vast. Tempting looks and stolen glances were cast, made promises to…

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