One Step Toward a College Degree Despite Odds

Ipuna Black

I’m so excited for this opportunity to collaborate with 14 other bloggers on one theme: One Step Toward the Impossible. Each of us wrote about a time where the smallest gesture made a difference, and/or a goal that may have seemed impossible, but we had to take the first step. I chose to write on One Step Toward a College Degree Despite Odds.


High School

In a previous post, Grit: How to Get What You Want, I briefly described my experience with my high school counselor. Here it is again:

It is my senior year of high school. I’m sitting in a large auditorium with a room full of seniors. There are several counselors at the front speaking to one student at a time about his/her future plans.

My counselor calls my name (of course she says it wrong).

We sit, and she examines my transcript (or pretends…

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