The Secret to Finding Fulfillment

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Joyce Meyer Quote

Wow. Take a minute and read that through again!

This quote stopped me in my tracks today.

We all crave that sense of fulfillment. We all have some goal we are trying to obtain in life-whether it be personal, career based, spiritual…something we are striving for and feel our “life will be complete” and we will have “true happiness” WHEN…..”this” happens.

What is it for you?

I remember back in college, constantly having this thought in my mind. Day after day hoping and grasping for more. I told myself:

WHEN I got married…I’d be happy.

Once I got married, it became…

WHEN I had kids…I’d be happy.

Now, I find myself married AND I have kids and I’m saying, WHEN we get through our last deployment and my hubby retires from the Navy…THEN things will be better because we will finally be together. See how I threw that justification in…

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