How to Get Exposure for Your Press Releases

Alexis Chateau PR

Most people think of a press release as a tool that will bring attention to their product, service, or art. Few people consider how to get eyeballs on the press release itself. But just like a social media post, feature article, or promotional video, if people don’t see the press release, then what’s the point?

The problem is that websites, journalists, and editors are rarely excited about publishing press releases. Why? Because unless you’re J.K. Rowling announcing a new Harry Potter book, or Apple announcing a new iPhone, it’s likely not the kind of news their readers are interested in.

This presents an obvious problem. How do you get eyes on what you have to say, without breaking the bank?

Great Content

Let’s face it: most press releases are making boring announcements. You may find it interesting, and maybe even your biggest fans, but will anyone else? So after writing…

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