My inspiration 💕

fountain hues

This one’s for my mom on her birthday ❤

I have loved you in my subconsciousness,

I have loved you in every possible way,

But it’s just millionth part of what I could ever say.

I have been weak, I have been lost,

With shattered dreams and anxiety trots,

But you have been the one standing erect,

Between my oblivion and assets brecht.

There is a special connect we share,

I guess we have been tied in together for births, centuries and years.

You have been a boon to my hastiness,

A strength to all my insecurities,

An accommodation to my itinerance,

A suspension to all my locked keys.

I wonder how God had already known,

Millions of mother in the whole wide world,

But you will be the only blessing,

I would be proud to call my own. 😘❤


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