Hi There! In this site, you’ll get to experience and enjoy my personal reviews, recommendations and opinions about Sports, Lifestyle and Life, in general. In a world full of diversity, I honestly believe that Sports unites everyone as it gives us excitement, hope and entertainment. We share a point of interest — SPORTS. So what are the few biggest sports that most people talk about? — Basketball and American Football. Brainy Versatility will take you to all the highlights you’ve missed along with my personal opinion of each game. Nowadays, most of us tend to ignore our health and this will lead to diseases in the long run. So, I’m going to let you have a peek of what I have been using to improve my health. Also, I’ll post blogs about my standpoint about the paradox of life. Like in Rehab Knowledge, it talks about my personal knowledge about some injuries I have seen or witness myself and to give people a view about the power of rehabilitation with the help of a professional. It also talks about the countries around us that are in need of rehabilitation help and I am spreading the word, so people can help out in any way they can. Another one is, The Globe, which talks about the world around us and how unique every culture is and the interesting things about the countries around us. Soooooo…. Come! Join me in this journey and BE ADAPTIVE.


What does Be Adaptive means? Well, we all know that adaptive came from the root word, Adapt, that means “to make fit.” Being adaptive, in the simplest context means, a person has the ability to re-adjust or tailor oneself to a certain environment or change of setting. People have this propensity to be scared of change because of the uncertainty that lies ahead. Admit it or not, we are afraid of ambiguity as we demand for answers. By this statement, we expect a Yes or No answer rather than a Maybe, a Perhaps or a Probably. With my blog, we need to open our minds and try to accept that there are situations that we need to adapt, though it might look difficult but we have or we need to. Because, sometimes what we fear would actually help us be rational and happy with our lives.