The Awesome Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for you and your pets!

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The benefits Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are exponential. ACV is even good for your pets. AppleCLook it up yourself and you see it yourself. I have been talking about ACV for some time now with you ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, you have been seeing me mentioning it. It’s good for that weight loss aid. So here it is, I will tell you what it has done for me and the benefits I have seen from it. It is a cheap product to buy from your local stores. So try it if you want to lose weight or detox it works well. Just make sure you try it with a lot of water. It does not taste bad. It tastes alright and yes it is acidic. ACV does not play, it does its job…I tell you. It has benefits I don’t even know it had. Just started using it again but I put in my water and ahh…refreshing when you put it in a cold water. Quench your thirst, for real. ACV has been around for centuries, so I know people way back has been reaping benefits from it and didn’t even know they were getting benefits from it.


Now, I have been using ACV for like, probably 2 years now on and off. I have used it for a lot of thing such as detox, cleaning my teeth, energy and many health benefits. Follow the directions when using for your teeth. It has some acidic to it, so be careful with your teeth. Make sure you mix it with water. Also, do your own research on how to use Apple Cider Vinegar for specific usage, because it varies with the person in how it works. So see what fits you. I have seen the results. Since I did this broccoli and fish challenge; I saw that it also gives me energy. Gives me the extra push, like BANG! Therefore, I am telling this Apple Cider Vinegar WORKS! When I buy it, I buy the Organic Bragg’s one with Mother, I guess that supposed to be the best one and more pricey one. To me, Apple Cider Vinegar is Apple Cider Vinegar. In addition, I bought the 32-ounce White House one, which I use the most. Both works and White House one is at a reasonable price. Organic ACV is good but as I said, Apple Cider Vinegar is Apple Cider Vinegar. So, I get the more reasonable price one to me. I have tried both organic and regular, and I don’t really see a difference.

ACV also kills many bacteria, as well. Here is the list of benefits you can gain from using Apple Cider Vinegar:
– relaxes sunburns
– cures your cold
– natural deodorant (just in case you ran out of deodorant)
– relieves allergies
– skin toner (so your skin can look good and free from acne or any other skin issues)
household cleaner (so you can clean some windows or whichever items you want to clean so use 50% Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% Water)
– for you ladies out there, it is good for hair conditioner (so your hair can shine…you go girl show that hair)
– antifungal
– balances your PH in your body
– cures for many diseases

I am telling you, get on this…you going to thank me. Spread the word on Apple Cider Vinegar. Get your benefits in and guess WHAT? Apple Cider Vinegar is even good for your pets if you have any. I tell you on those benefits below.


Apple Cider Vinegar is good for animals in varies of ways. Ways you won’t even think it would help. But Apple Cider Vinegar is that cure in a bottle for any kind of people, animal, or ANYONE. It doesn’t care about color, race, or whichever you dig. Now to your pets, well, ACV is an:
– ear care products (so no more ear scratching from your pet)
– it also helps with skin care like burns (so whenever your pet got that little boo boo, well, you got him or her the product needed to ease that boo boo)
– skunk smell removal (we all know pets like playing around and being in places they shouldn’t be, so if they get in contact with skunk, well, ACV is the answer to that)
– it also aids in weight loss if your pet is on the heavy side.
– one surprising thing is, it helps increase your pet fertility (specifically for dogs).
– it removes most odors too

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How Cayenne Pepper Works for You in Losing Weight!

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Sizzling Fat Loss

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I have been using cayenne peppers for years now and…hmm…I like spicy food. It makes my food taste better. It makes anything taste better. It is also very good for losing weight because it is a metabolism booster, so it burns excess fat off. I like the taste because I like spicy food; so the weight loss benefits? I will take. All spicy food has this effect, by the way. So get some cayenne pepper because you can get them at a very reasonable price at your local store. It is spicy as you know and if you like spicy food, this is for you (for sure). So get on it. You know, if you want to lose weight this is definitely one of the spices you need to get. FOR REAL!


So, I put cayenne pepper on everything like broccoli, fish, rice or anything you can think of. Especially when I am dieting I use cayenne pepper or spicy things, because not only do they help me lose weight faster but they make the foods taste way better. It just makes it taste good. Try it and see it for yourself. Tell me you don’t like it. Cayenne pepper is hot. So if your mouth not with that hot stuff, please don’t try or have cold waters ready. Again, If you want help losing weight this is definitely the spice for you. You can even use it as part of a drink or detox. It also helps my digestion along with giving me my vitamins A and E.

Other benefits of this pepper are: 

  • Relieves your head pains
  • Prevents Blood Clots
  • Relieve Joint and nerve pain
  • Good for treating Psoriasis
  • Cure Flu/Cold
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Prevent serious health problems
  • Excellent for Immune System

Cayenne pepper is filled with beta carotene and antioxidant for your immune system, so no more sick days. It also stops allergies from happening. Cayenne pepper doing it and get some results yourself. You see what results I got when go get some. Yes, I am losing weight with Cayenne Pepper. As you read, you know the countless benefits cayenne pepper has so do your body a favor and use the spice.

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Unique Herb that Helps in Building Muscles

alfalfa2Alfalfa, also known as “Medicago Sativa” (leaf), is a powerful herb that is full of proteins, vitamin, and minerals, that will help you build some muscles. Oh yeah, it is also full of antioxidants for quick muscle recovery after working out. I used Alfalfa to help me build some muscle along with other proteins as well. I couldn’t resist not buying it at Walmart, seeing how cheap it was (like $4 for 300 tablets with 650 mg per tablet). It was a done deal. I bought it last year when my journey with herbs began. I didn’t like taking all those muscle supplements filled with chemicals. I wanted to use natural components to help me build muscles. I did my research on Alfalfa and it feels like it worked. It was incorporated with my other proteins like chicken and fish (when I eat). Alfalfa comes in various form such as Capsule, Liquid form, Tablet and Powdered form.

I used 2 or 3 tablets, so I got over a gram every time I used it. Too much of alfalfawhich ever of what you are using is not good, so chill with that. I wanted to have it in powdered form, because I feel like it is better and it is more natural in my mind. The tablet is good enough. I used the Spring Valley Whole Herb Alfalfa with 650 mg. The directions say to use 2 tablets every time you use it, which is 1.3 grams (which is basically what I did). However, just because the direction says, that doesn’t mean it is how much you need to take for you to see results over time.

The other ingredients with it includes Celluose (Plant Origin), Croscarmellose, contains less than or (< 2%) 2% of Calcium Silicate and Vegetable Magnesium Stearate. In my view, it is pretty good and worth it. I felt like, I got some kind of benefits from it. Next time I use it, I will probably buy the Alfalfa powder from Amazon (

Alfalfa also has a lot of other benefits such as:

  • detoxifying the body
  • support the joint and digestive health
  • support women’s health
  • fight inflammation
  • boost the immune system


My experience with Alfalfa was good; and as you already know, I would try it again. I am all about herbs and natural things. The more natural it is, the better. You all try the herb out and see. I tried the tablet form, but I think the powdered form would be better, so the Amazon link is provided above. So, pick which brand you want and do your own research. Always do your own research when trying to try out something new. Here is a link to start with: So you can try it and see yourself. Healthy, muscle and living life

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National Freedom Day

This is (guess what day?) National Freedom Day: February 1 of the year. This is a day that represent liberty and freedom from slavery. The 1st day of Black History Month too. This goes way back to Abraham Lincoln so February 1st 1865 was the first day before it became the first day. This is a day to celebrate freedom for everyone really. Be free in who you are. In my view, today is a national freedom day in regard to race in which I respect but it is beyond that. Because, this day also represent freedom to be you and enjoy life no matter the color of your skin. I am the type of person that looks beyond colors and this day represents that because it is a day to be free much like any other day. If anyone want to join the day come on in no matter the race. Let us get together its beyond race. This day is special because it is a day to start it all. I was not even born and today is not a holiday but it is a day to know about. Expand that mind and know about the history of the world. This is particularly a freedom for United State of America.

Looking back in history, Freedom Day actually started in 1942 with a man named Major Robert Wright Senior. It started in 1942, but later became a national day when President Truman signed it into law six year late in 1948. It is not an holiday but an Observance Day. It is a day to look back at the past and remember how far African American as come from since the slavery day. Something to remember the struggle to the freedom. Have to appreciate the people before you that pave ways for black people to be free. Free to be who we want to be whether go into law, medical, healthcare, dance, technology and much more.

Shout out to for opening my eyes on National Freedom Day. This is what I mean by expand your mind and learning new things everyday. I knew this was Black History Month but didn’t know about Freedom Day till today. This life there are a lot of knowledge that have not been tapped into and am going to tap into most. Hard to tap into all that’s how many there are. On this site, we about to get into a lot of things to expand your mind to stuff you might not even know. Come with me on this journey that even I don’t know what I am going to learn this moment and beyond. That is what makes it fun. The unknown I don’t like but I am for sure going to learn from it.

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Brahmi Powder (Bacopa Monnieri): An herb for improving brain function

I took the herb for 3 months. An Indian herb from 100% Organic Brahmi leaf by Organic Veda. I would say I felt like my thinking level expanded. Felt smarter you know. My cognitive skills got better. It did what it is supposed to do. I would definitely try it again. In addition, it does not taste bad. Moreover, you can blend it with your smoothies. It is preferable with warm water with 6-7 Ounces. I tried the powder one but they have it in tablets and liquid form as well. So try which one fits you. The organic 100% powder is the best one. Green looking powder. Got the 1lb for like $21, I think.  Take half a teaspoon to a teaspoon a day and you see the difference. I mixed it up I took a teaspoon to begin then half a teaspoon then back to a teaspoon. Works for me. You dig. They are the best. The price is good for the quality and duration. Like I told you all it lasted me for like 3 months, you know.

Bacopa Powder supposes to increase mental alertness and Brain Power. The Powder contains no fillers, gluten, starch, preservatives, and artificial colors. Flavors, sugar, additives. It is 100% Certified Organic in other words USDA Organic. So try Organic Veda Brahmi Powder and even smelling it gets your brain excited. I am thinking about it now and my brain still remembering the days I use to take it. It really does make your brain come alive.

Talking about this herb makes me want to go and buy it again. It takes a while for it to have its effects I mean improving your cognitive skills. Nevertheless, you will see the difference first day you drink the Bacopa for sure. Start taking it today and in 3 months your brain will thank you. Takes 3 month for the full effects. You thank yourself too.

Be smart and get or try this product for the holiday or any day really. If you into herbs check it out and get your brainy on. Be adaptive. Be Brainy Versatility.