Assistance in Belize

People around the world, especially in terms of developing, needs to learn about the power of rehab or should I say the power of physical therapy. They need to be given knowledge about it whether by physical therapist or an organization working with health care organization in the specific countries. The point is under develop countries are in need of physical therapy presence in their countries. Physical Therapy in which most can not afford and people around the world need to know about this, so they can go spread the word. We live in a very technology-driven world now; so spreading the word by one person can reach thousands, if not millions. Spreading the word is a step and after that, it would bring the help developing countries need in physical therapy to life, to ensure a good living standard quality.


Most people do not know about this and I feel like I have to speak on it to bring the issue to life in order to be part of the solution. I am talking about malnutrition, physical and mentally challenge citizens around developing countries. People reading about this might know someone beneficial that can help or the person reading this have the power to help in a big way. Help either by donating, or if you’re a physical therapist yourself and want to work abroad. These are few ways to help. Everyone can help just by spreading the word is helping in itself. The Country of Belize needs donation and the help of well-experienced physical therapists to give them knowledge and the boost they need. Teaching Citizens of Belize how to be adaptive to their surroundings, in terms of physical therapy to make the best out of it, will be a start in my opinion. It all starts with a little help; in one brick at a time it turns into a house where everybody is living good.



Look at a country like Belize in Central America. I did not know their official language is English. But moving on, Belize is a country that has minimum physical therapy services. Belize needs physical therapy organizations help to come in and teach the clinics and outreach communities some basics rehabilitation skills and advance from there. I am sure the actions to bring Belize physical therapy service to standards are on the move. I just want to let people know, in case they have the resources to help. Knowledge is power. That is why I spread the word through the social network power today technology has given us.

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Spreading the love with the people of Cambodia: Helping special needs kids and adults along with people dealing with various conditions


As you guys seen me, I have been talking about developing countries around the world that needs more rehabilitation services. I have been showing people with empathy helping those people in developing countries. I mean the power of help and seeing help can be contagious. The more I read, the more I know how many countries need the knowledge and assistance of physical therapy. The power of movement. Physical Therapists are dream makers. They can be that, only with the help of both the patient and the physical therapist. The physical therapists believe in the patient, feels for the patients, that is why they are in this profession.


Physical therapists and students from America are using their helping power in Cambodia assisting with special needs adults and kids to help raise their quality of life. The citizen is given special attention to help improve the mobility or muscle strength. For instance, some kids or adults are learning to walk and some are working on muscle strengthening. Therefore, the kids or adults are on a different level of therapy. Some of them need more attention than others, but the most important thing is that the patients are getting the attention they need. It kinds of gets me excited reading and talking about this. Some of Cambodia’s Citizens are seeing progress in their ability to gain knowledge and improve their standards of the kind of challenges they are going through.


Physical therapists going abroad using all their proper training not to put their life at risk in dealing with patients with all kinds of diseases — Respect. That is why physical therapists chose this field because no matter what, they want to help while putting the safety of patients and themselves first. It is a privilege to get to be a physical therapist. Physical Therapists are trained to handle the risky situation and make life better. The physical therapy centers in Cambodia needs extra help for the citizens of Cambodia in need. It is helpful some physical therapists having the heart and knowledge to be so beneficial abroad. Rehab knowledge. Cambodia. Cambodia Citizens. The power of help. Better lives. The better living quality of life.

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Universities helping Out in Uganda

Uganda is in East Africa. Uganda is another country in need of the presence of Physical Therapy. Whether it is help with disable children and adults; or physical able body help is needed to give citizens in the country proper knowledge of physical therapy and to establish clinics that can serve the people in an affordable way. Citizens in those countries need the knowledge of physical therapy. Some universities are making it possible for their students to study abroad and help out countries like Uganda, which is a tremendous boast to the communities all around.


Hospitals and outreach communities learning from top-notch physical therapists from United States Of America. Lessons like this are extremely beneficial for the students of Physical Therapy. Not only do they get to help out and practice what they learn, they are getting valuable life experiences and it will help them out in the future as Physical Therapist. Student, staffs at the hospitals or clinics, physical therapists are all working as one for the good of the patients they encounter that day. They are formulating plans to help citizens in Uganda for the upcoming days and in the future. It is an honor having the opportunity to learn abroad and help developing countries as a student or a physical therapist.


Helping under-served citizens that needs help is all I am about. I wish I can help out, but in due time, I can help citizens in developing countries. Reading and learning about the actions of universities and organizations helping out in developing countries like Uganda brings joy to my heart. I can’t wait for my time and turn to help out in the rehabilitation service program around the globe; but especially for developing countries around the world. It is a really a privilege to have such opportunity — helping. Spread the word to bring this to notice about developing countries in need. Learning about countries around you that are in need.

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Knee Discomfort

kneeKnee pain can be from sports or wear and tear for years of using your body or other reasons. The knee pains I encounter from my experience and experience from physical therapists. I experience that stretching, massages, heat, ice,exercise and modality work for limiting the pain and eliminating it. Knee pain is no joke. Stretching is a must and of course, massages help. Talking to a physical therapist should be one of the things you do if you are experiencing knee pain or any body pain. They know the body. Its their job.

They know what they are doing. If you can not get a massage or modality, quadusually ultrasound on the knee you’re experiencing pain in, then your best bet is icing and heating and a lot of stretching and pinpoint exercises. Stretches like Hamstring and Quad Stretch is good for the knee pain. Hamstring Stretch is just sitting down and stretching one of your leg out and touch your feet for a good stretch, while you fold your other leg when you doing this stretch. Quad Stretch is just folding your legs in half, while standing or laying on your stomach stretching out your Quadricep real good. The more flexibility you have the better. These stretches can be done everyday at the comfortable of your own home.

For the exercises, Knee Marches which is sitting down and simply marching your feet. These exercises improve the strength of your quad and you’re not even putting pressure on your knee joints so its a win-win situation. No pain and you getting stronger. Another exercises is Kick Back. You are standing up holding a stable object and kick one of your leg back slowly and releasing it to the floor slowly. This is for strengthening of the hamstring and flexibility of the knee. So these are the knowledge I know from observing and learning from physical therapists.

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Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries occur whether in life or sports. The most unexpected one happens when doing normal day activities like walking or walking up the stairs. Some injuries are more severe than others. In some cases, it is just a sprain while in other cases the ligament is partially or completely torn (which is a severe case). In the severe cases, surgery might be needed if the therapy is not working.

Most cases are just sprained ankles; in which the ankle is stretched out in an awkward position. The one I seen with a physical therapist is mostly ankle sprain and in rare cases completely ligament tear. Either way, ankle injuries are nothing to play with (they hurt). I would know. I rolled my ankle like 2 to 3 times on the same foot for like 2 weeks in a row playing basketball. So I feel for someone that sprain his or her ankle.

gasexerThe exercises that that have seen worked that physical therapist recommend are mobility and stretching exercises. Stretches like the Gastrocnemius Stretch, which is basically calf stretching against the wall. Also, doing exercises like Calf raisers helps with ankle injuries.The best way to begin if having a physical therapist give a massage on the injury ankle for calming down the tense muscle before beginning exercises to get back the strength and function of your ankle ligament.

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