LiverPool vs. Tottenham


premierleagueThis was a nice game to watch — a nice English Premier League game. Day time game in USA and night time game in UK. Liverpool won the game they needed to win. Sadio Mane came to play; scoring two goals but he really should of had 4 goals. Soccer is a chess sport. You have to strategically find a way to beat your opponent. That’s why its so fun.

The manager, Jurgen Klopp, was excited after the game pumping his fist like, Yeah! We got this one we needed. He should thank Mane for scoring the goals. The first one was a top corner goal one on one with the goalie with a defender behind him. Second goal was suppose to me an assist, but it was blocked my the goalie went to another player then ball somehow got back to Mane again and he score that goal. He acted like nothing happened. He know he good.

Mane started the game with some energy he was going to get this W today whether they let him or not. The crowd was excited. The place was packed. Soccer is a big sport in the UK and you feel the stadium. English Premier League? Oooo! Getting me excited. Liverpool won 2-0 with Mane and the manager, Jurgen Klopp. Ooooo! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Brainy Versatility.

Pebble Beach Pro-Am


This PGA Tour Golf was in Pebble Beach, California on CBS. The course is a beautiful course — a sunny beautiful Saturday. Jordan Spieth on the lead with a -11 in the third round. This tournament will beginning again tomorrow after the Michigan vs. Indiana game. Expect a blog on that one. So, the tournament also had few celebrity on board like Justin Timberlake, Bill Murray, and Peyton Manning; so it is a mix of pro vs. celebrity so looks kind of fun on TV.


I didn’t know what was going on much but I did know Justin Timberlake almost made an hole in one. The ball went in the hole and went out. Awwwww! Close one, Justin. BUT to the tournament Spieth leads all with -13 and Brandt Snedeker is in second place with a -10. So two USA players are in the top two spot. Lots of professional golf player all over the world are playing in this tournament. Who wouldn’t want to play in California on this sunny day. Come on! 😀

The defending champion is Vaughn Taylor and (maybe) I should look into golf. They make money regardless win or lose. The winner for the tournament gets over 7 Million Dollars (ca-ching!). I repeeat 7 MILLION DOLLARS! It is a tough sports though, but the money involve? Oooo weeee! You need money in life and it makes life easier not necessary happier but easier.

If you going to do something do it for the love and passion you know. Passion and Love. Brainy Versatility.



Boxing hasn’t been big anymore.The only time boxing was kind of big was when Mayweather fight and even those fights didn’t live up to expectation. I miss the heavyweight boxing like back in the day. When you can’t weight to see the fight. The fight you actually pay for on pay-per-view. Now, UFC is taken over boxing as the most combat sports now.

wladimirThe Heavyweight fights is now watching Wladimir Klitschko dominate the heavy weight ranking. He has been dominating it for close to a decade, until he was beaten. I mean, it took that long to beat him when I see Klitschko, I don’t see someone that can’t be beaten. Yeah he is big BUT I don’t see a skillful fighter like they was back in the days. I am just saying my opinion here not trying to be negative. I miss the old fighting days when boxing use to be boxing. Everyone knew about it. It is a must see. knockouts (TKO), hype, defense, combos. That’s the boxing I want to see. I mean, heavyweight boxing isn’t has it was before. Back in the day, no one heavyweight boxer would be dominate his league for decade or close to it. Which tell me the competitor aren’t like they use to be. Klitschko might be good, but let him fight back in the days, I don’t think you even know him.


Klitschko is facing a young British man name Anthony Joshua. I don’t think it would be much of a fight. There is no hype here. I just miss that Heavy weight boxing isn’t has it should to be with Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis — those kind of boxers. This fight should be good, just not going to bring the hype the old boxing days will bring. I want the real boxing back. Real heavy weight.

Lets get it. Brainy Versatility.

Tiger Woods Golf

tigerTiger Woods went out of style after he crashed his car into that tree awhile ago (I think probably back in 2008). Since then, his golf game hasn’t been top flight as people know him to be. I don’t know much about golf, but I do know golf is a mental game. It is all about CONFIDENCE. Looks like he lacks that confidence. Tiger Woods lives off people remembering him for his back in the day greatness than what he is doing now in the future. I mean, that’s good if he is retired but as a competitor forget that.

People are not sure if Tiger Woods would be Tiger again. You know the Tiger that always wining the trophies.The Masters, Green Jackets and all. You can play Golf till your 60’s or 70’s, so I guess he has time. Now, he is dealing with knee and back issues. Now more than most, his back issue as he pulled out of the next two golf tournaments. The Genesis and Honda Classic, he has pulled out from due to back issue and his doctors saying take it slow. He says, he is hopeful for the Masters in April. We will see about that. I want to see Tiger back so I can have some fun watching golf. Watching him go to work because he bring hype to the course.

He has been pulling out of a lot of tournaments. Pulling out the February 16-19 Genesis Open and The Honda Classic Feb 23-26 is really an eye open may be it is time to just relax like hang up the club because of all the body injuries he is going through. I don’t watch golf that much; but I know golf is in good hands. It might not be has fun as when Tiger was at his top of his game but still good competitor out there. Tiger Woods will get his body right and try to come back and maybe we can see a flash or more of his old greatness.

Bring out your Greatness. Brainy Versatility.

UFC Fight

UFC 208 is on Saturday February 11 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The main event is two females fighters. With Anderson Silva vs. Derek Brunson fighting under the two ladies. For the lady fight, one is a blonde woman she might look pretty but don’t let her looks fool you. She can fight. Fierce woman. The woman she is facing is a tough looking woman. I wouldn’t want to get her mad. Holly Holm vs. Germaine de Randamie — USA vs. Netherlands. Both weight the same with similar height, 1 inch different with Germaine being 1 inch taller. Holm is 5’6 and 5’7 for Randamie. Both tough fighters. Holm is 10-2 and Randamie is 6-3.

By the look of it, Randamie has the better defense. These kind of fight can go both ways. These should be one good fight on paper view. Lets see how it turned out. In sports, the one that has the most heart wins. Heart wins (remember that). So, whoever has the most heart will win this fight. As for Anderson Silva Vs. Brunson, I don’t know about this fight. Silva coming back from his suspension for drugs; so don’t know how much he has left. Young vs. old. Experience vs. youth in term of fighting experience on a UFC Pro Level. Its up in the air for this one. So we will see. Lets see.

I amusanetherlands looking to see what Holm is about though. The Anderson fight doesn’t really excite me as much. I want to see Randamie fight. I saw her training and she looks like someone to do some damage. UFC 208 in New York. Brooklyn watch it. We will see how good it is. There are some other fights on the card; but the ones I mentions are the two that stood out. UFC is a sport of art. Who can showcase the art ability to the fullest?

Be adaptive. Learn new things. Brainy Versatility.