4 Techniques to shoot like RAY Allen (Nothing but Net)


If you been reading my posts, you see that I have been doing some basketball drills for working out to get in shape. I mean, I can shoot; and the drill, just enhancing my jumper. Do you want to know how to shoot? Well, you in the right post. Your jumper is about to be wet, like a straight splash. You will be making more shots after this. I mention some of my shooting tips in little details in my workout post. You are about to get the full detailed how to make that game winning shot. I mean, I give kids advice of shooting tips and they get good results from it. OK. Time to get your jumper WET LIKE CURRY SINCE KIDS THESE DAYS PROBABLY DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT RAY ALLEN. YOUTUBE RAY ALLEN, HE CAN SHOOT!


Technique 1: When shooting a basketball, you have to make sure one of your hand is under the ball and the other hand guides a ball (the guiding hand). That is the basics, but I want you to get close to the rim and get the basketball and shoot with one hand.

This is what I mean, get the ball and put your hands (shooting hand) under the ball with your elbow in with your knees bend. The picture shown above illustrates what I am saying if you didn’t get it exactly.

Technique 2 and 3: Make sure when you shoot, you use the tip of your fingers and spread your fingers to shoot and give it a nice flick of the wrist.

Technique 4: Of course, bend your knees, it is vital to the process of shooting. Your knees give the whole shooting process flow, and shooting is all about proper flow. So, your knees give your shot power to get to the rim to make the shot. When you finish shooting, hold the pose of flicking your wrist after you shoot for following through your shot.

The goal is to get used to holding the ball properly and shooting with your finger tip, while your fingers are spread apart with your elbows in and bending your knees for a better release off your fingers to get a high percentage of making a NOTHING BUT NET SHOT.

Make sure when you’re shooting, you shoot with the tip of your fingers (reminding you). Keep practicing shooting with the one hand till you get the hang of those techniques properly.


Once you get those 4 techniques down, you got past the hard part. If you can shoot with one hand following those detailed techniques, then you graduated. Your jumper has elevated. Now, once you start shooting with your guide hand  the hand that guides the ball when you shoot with the shooting hand, you will have a smooth release and you will make more shots. The more you shoot with the tip of your fingers (fingers spread and elbows in) and knees bend, you should be swooping those nets. Nothing but net. Follow those techniques and see what happens. I am telling you, your jumper will be SPLASHING THE NET. Keep practicing and STICK with it.

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Spurs dont play that. Straight Beat DOWN




San Antonio Spurs handled the Houston Rockets. No taking off over here for the Spurs.

I told you all that Spurs going to come in game 2 and straight put in work.

They handled them. Popovich does not play that.

Spurs came into handled business tonight.SCalm

Straight W

Spurs dont play that. Preparation.

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Houston we have Lift Off!





Ummm I was not expecting San Antonio Spurs to get straight beat down like that by Rocthe Houston Rockets. Like what happened. I turned the game on after a long day and I just finished running. I saw the score in the 3rd quarter like wtf. Is this a dream? Are you for real? That was unlike the spurs. It was like they were not ready at all. You don’t expect that from a Popovich coach team. Simply put I was shocked. That was unacceptable Spurs. Over 30 points beat down most of the game like really really?

Now let me get on Coach Popovich. This coach is so cool under pressure. He was not Scoacheven phased after the game at the press conference. All he said was they(Spurs) lost and they(Rockets) won. Even he was even laughing. He is a smart coach and he gives it to you real. Be ready for the Spurs to be awake and prepared in game two on Wednesday. After how the Spurs got outplayed by the Houston Rockets I know the spurs going to give them then works in game 2.

Overall, I must say the Rockets impressed me. They played well as a team. They were executing and making shots. James Harden made his team better. It was Scoshocking that the Rockets did what they did to the Spurs in San Antonio I would say. Shout to the Rockets for winning game 1 in a blowout in the Texas series Show-Down. GAME 2 HERE WE COME!



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NFL DRAFT Pick Selection!

NFL Draft

For all the NFL Fans

Which player do you want your team to pick tonight or Who you think is going #1 Overall? Not sure If I get any reply but we will see lol

If there are any NFL Fans out there on my page or wherever lol

Not sure if I have any lol. Anyways NFL Draft and NBA Playoffs. Lovely: D

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Three Step-by-step Processes Coach Archie Miller MUST Do to Make Indiana Basketball Good ASAP!


Breaking News!!! Indiana Hoosiers hires Dayton Flyers’ Archie Miller as their new head coach. The news is a good move for the Hoosiers because Miller is a tough young good coach who knows his stuff. With Miller in the driver seat, Indiana Hoosiers should be at the top of college basketball again battling with the great teams such as Kentucky, UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, and much more. This is going to take a process since Indiana is not as good as before when Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller were there. With these 3 steps, the process with be accelerated very quickly. Archie Miller has some work to do but I know he is welcoming the challenge. Here are the three processes Miller should do to build Indiana back to being prominent:

First Step: Archie Miller must keep the best prospect in the state at home (Indiana Hoosiers Basketball) and go after top-notch high-school players.



(Photo Credits to usathss.files.wordpress.com and wildcatbluenation.com)

Miller cannot be like Tom Crean who let the top prospect in the state go to other schools way too much. In college basketball this season, 5 players from Indiana are playing some good basketball. Only one of them goes to Indiana (James Blackmon Jr). Top basketball players like big man Caleb Swanigan, Xavier Guard Trevon Bluiett, Northwestern Guard Bryant Mclntosh and Ohio State Guard JaQuan Lyle. Players like that will have made such an impact this year college basketball season. If Tom Crean could of kept those players at home, Indiana would of made the tournament this season and maybe do some damage in the big dance. Archie Miller coaching at a mid-major school has the skills of knowing diamond in the rough players. I know he will get the good players and the players no one know about yet, but in 3 or 4 years they will be a major contributor to the team like he did at Dayton University. With Miller’s good coaching skills and the ability to win, he should attract national wide top-notch basketball players to the school. Indiana is a hot bed for basketball and they have some good basketball players in the state. Indiana is a basketball state, so if he keeps those top Indiana prospects at home, he will do fine. If he gets one or two top-notch players, Indiana is going to the top of the basketball rank. So the Lonzo Ball, De’ Aarron Fox, Nigel Williams-Goss, Josh Jackson and Malik Monk of basketball will want to go to Indiana Hoosier for a basketball career with Archie Miller running the show. If Miller goes after players like those in which I mentioned, Indiana will be back on top of college basketball in no time.

Second Step: Playing a good strength of schedule on a year-to-year basis to build consistency and a wining attitude.


Indiana needs to start playing teams in the likes of UCLA, Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas. Either in tournaments at the beginning of the season or on a neutral sites later in the season. You get better by playing good team. Plus, good strength of schedule makes the team have better chemistry and know where the team is ranked. The best teacher is experience, so the better the competition, the better the team will be in March and be ready for March Madness. This past season, Indiana played 4 good teams (Kansas, North Carolina, Butler, Louisville) at the beginning of the season, in which they did average. They beat Kansas and North Carolina and lost to Butler and Louisville. What this tells me is that the team has potential but they need to play those type of teams on a consistent basis for them to have a wining attitude. Consistent basic for the chemistry to stick. For the team to know they always have to play at a high level to be a top-notch college basketball team again. A team cannot play four good teams and play like eleven cupcake games and expect to be good. Come on, you don’t get good like that. So Miller needs to ratchet up that SOS (Strength of Schedule) this coming up season. The better the competition, the better the team will be as soon as possible.

Third Step: Bring Defense back in Indiana Hoosiers Basketball.

pic3.pngIndiana’s Defense slacked this season. They were ranked in the 200th in defense for points allowed. The team looks like they lack mental focus and discipline, which is what DEFENSE is all about. Defense is about WILL, HEART and DETERMINATION. Miller will most definitely fix that (ASAP!) since he done it with Dayton. The Flyers had one of the best defense in their conference and in the country. Miller is a tough defensive minded coach, so he will not allow lack of mental focus or discipline in his presence. With the athleticism Miller has on the team now or in the future, be prepared to see a much improve defense. BE AWARE! I am saying it now. I know one thing, the defensive game will be back in the Hoosiers’ country next season. Miller is going to make them guys a well oil defensive machine team.

If those three things are done in training camps and next season, be prepared for lastparagraph.jpgMiller’s Indiana team to be something to mess with. They will shock some team. Indiana will be slowly rising back to the top of the map in college basketball. Then BOOM! They are in the top 10 for consecutive years and on. I think Archie Miller will be fine as the head coach at Indiana. He is made for moments like this. He deserves this and worked hard for it. So he got his chance and I know by seeing him coach, he has the fire to succeed. The fire to succeed is what Indiana needs right now. I think the school picked an excellent coach. Right now, Miller is what Indiana Hoosiers needs.

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