Beat the heat at DIB Club

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What’s the perfect way to cool off under the kiss of the summer Cambodian sun? Under the open sky, we took a dip in the soothing warm water, with stunning views of the tropical surrounding while relaxing with my family.

DIB Club

DIB Club

DIB Club

DIB Club is a brand new place in Phnom Penh blessed with a refreshing breeze from the Mekong River. When we arrived at the place, we were pretty impressed with the swimming pool – a huge, clean outdoor pool to lounge at!

DIB Club

DIB Club

DIB Club

Each poolside is cozy, perfect for lounging, dining and conversing.

DIB Club

DIB Club

Also, the kids can enjoy the paddling pool and the bouncy castle.

DIB Club

DIB Club

The entire place is tidy and nice. The food was good even though it was quite pricey for what it was. Plus, there was only a…

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“We-Got-Next” NBA Squad


Written By: Rory O’ Toole
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Unfortunately most of us will never know the feeling of playing a game in the NBA and no, your MyPlayer on 2K does not count.

One thing the rest of us can relate to is playing in a game of pickup basketball. No matter your skill level, most people have participated in a sporadic game of basketball with friends, family, or whomever it may be to have fun and of course compete.

If you play in enough of these games over the years, you start to notice a specific type of player usually excels in these games. They tend to be confident, offensively inclined and possess some sort of natural ability, an X factor if you will, that sets them apart from everyone else.

At its core the NBA is no different and thus I present to you fine readers of the world…

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Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Thinking you couldn’t do this and do that.

Wondering if you were capable of …? Or able to…?

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Putting yourself down.

Saying damn you can’t do this now.

You became the judge of your own strength.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

The inner voice shouting no!

The devil behind your ears screaming!

You spirit was guiding!

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

Girl! You are falling!

Failure is calling!

You are going to move towards failing!

What was saying!

Was you!

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

You had to prove to you.

Had to show you.

Had to convince you.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

That you were surprised.

When you finally made it.

Fought back.

Could complete it.


Finally did it.

Have you ever underestimated yourself?

To the extent that you had to change the

Percepion you had of…

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I loooove hindi masala bollywood picha! (The best refresher). The premier of BB post has to be bollywood desi style. I love desi (indian) style, be it fashion or food. Couldn’t find a better song  to introduce our premier question which is on emotions.


What is emotion?

Emotions roots from mind hence it has psychic effect on us. Our mind can always be trained. A Well trained mind is a powerful force to reckon with. Training our mind,emotions, so that

ye dil mera sajna emotional fool na ho!

( my heart beloved,doesn’t become emotional fool).

The Solution-

EI that’s Emotional Intelligence, see the followingimage-

How do we that?






Mostly the negative one’s


Behna (sister) emotions are not to be accepted that’s when the problem arises!  Emotions are to beexpressed

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