DeMarcus Cousins and All Star MVP Anthony Davis Teaming up for a Playoff Run in New Orleans: Do you think they can play along side each other and be successful this season and beyond?


MVP All Star Anthony Davis sure did get a good gift after hearing the New Orleans Management got DeMarcus Cousins from the Sacramento Kings in a trade after All Star Sunday. I mean, the trade didn’t really make much sense. I know the Sacramento Kings didn’t want to pay DeMarcus Cousins for 5 years and 209 million dollar this off-season. DeMarcus Cousins has maturity problems and he can be emotional. I guess, the Sacramento Kings Front Office wanted a “culture change” (as they say). I guess, they don’t believe in him to be the “franchise player”. Vlade Divac, the General Manager for the Sacramento Kings, didn’t look too confident about in his press conference. I don’t know about this trade. I mean, DeMarcus Cousins is the best big man in the NBA for a trade like this. I mean…uhhh???????? I know Kings’ fans confuse. I would say, its okay (LOL) but pat on the shoulder. Pelicans got DeMarcus Cousins. New Orleans and Pelicans Fans is still buzzing from the All Star Game.


The Sacramento Kings will get 3 guards: Shooting Guard Buddy Hield, Point Guard/Shooting Guard and Small Forward Tyreke Evans who used to play for and got drafted by the Sacramento Kings. Guard Langston Galloway and a first and second round pick in the 2017 Draft from the Pelicans. The New Orleans Pelicans will get Big man DeMarcus and Small Forward Omri Casspi. The deal says it all. This was the news after the All Star Game. They surprised Boogie aka DeMarcus Cousins. I don’t know like you can do way better than that. Lets think positive; though it is a culture change alright.


The question is, since DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis are on the same team now, would they play well together? Will they win some playoffs? Will they make a playoff run now? Will they make the playoff to begin with? I know with this trade, people will think the New Orleans Pelicans will be a good team, BUT slow your roll, they still need players around them. I am not sure how they going to play around each other. I want to see how this is going to work out. And the New Orleans Pelicans got to show DeMarcus Cousins this will work if they want to re-sign him this off-season. But…hmmm…they are way below. 500 and at 23-34 records? Lets see what they can do. Lets see what Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins will do. DeMarcus Cousins is close to home in Alabama; so maybe him being close to home will be good for him. Lets see what happens. Kentucky Wildcats Players.Two Skilled Big Man.

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The game begins with a standing ovation for the hometown hero New Orleans Pelicans and University Of Kentucky own Anthony Davis. Kevin Durant getting some no, so much love, LOL. The media making a big deal of Westbrook and Durant beef. Oklahoma Thunders’ Russell Westbrook doesn’t hold his feelings back as you all see. This will be a good game at the end of the fourth quarter if it is close. That is when they play the hardest. So lets see whose in and the West won last year in a blow out on Valentine’s Day 196-173 in Toronto, Canada. So lets see if the East wants to win this year. The West team looking like the squad to beat and East team looking all right.


The Nigerian Decent, Greece Native and Milwaukee Bucks, Giannis Antetokounmpo, getting in some vicious dunks. Dunks everywhere like too many dunks. You all slow down, LOL. Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry making threes like he normally does, though to switch the dunk flow up, major LOL. Everyone scoring in the first quarter. Everyone getting along (cough…cough..LOL). Kevin Durant to Russell Westbrook for a dunk. Lots of Dunks, though. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Anthony Davis lead the 1st quarter with 10 points, though. Russell Westbrook and Boston Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas going at it with a 3-point shooting battle. Am Still on that dunk by Giannis Antetokounmpo. The wind mill one. Oooooo

Lots of traveling going on, not good, LOL. Stop that 4 to 5 steps traveling. This isn’t a trip, LOL. You are only allowed 2 steps. High scoring game; lets see if one of the team get to 200 points and make history. Both team combine for history setting record 189 points and the half time. 97-92 West wining at the half. I see Giannis Antetokounmpo dropping his 26th point on Steph Curry’s forehead. Giannis had a rebound off Steph Curry  and dunked over Steph Curry. Curry got a two hand dunk after he got dunk upon, LOL. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s family enjoying his dunks tonight and he is playing good; he has 28 points so far in his 1st All Star Game. He ended up with 30 points. That Greece Freak is long and athletic out of this world. Dropping Buckets.


Anthony Davis taking the show over with scoring the All time All Star Game point record with 44 points. Russell Westbrook got 41 points right now so he is going to break that record. Wilt Chamberlain had the record with 42 points and 24 rebounds in the 1962 All Star Game In St. Louis Arena. Boston Celtics’ Bob Pettit won the All Star Game MVP though in St. Louis Arena. Anthony Davis, the home town player, looks like he is going to win the NBA All Star MVP. Anthony Davis has 52 points right now in the All Star Game.New Orleans Pelicans. That’s what I thought, Anthony Davis won the 2017 NBA ALL STAR MVP in the Smoothie King Center on his home court. 192-182 West All Stars Won.

High Scoring game. NBA All Star. MVP. Brainy Versatility.



Skills Challenge contestant from New York Knicks, Kristaps Porzingis, the big man, won against Utah Jazz’s Gordon Hayward he guard. In the three-point Shooting Contest, Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson defending champion from last year didn’t shoot well to be in the championship round. Charlotte Hornets’ Kemba Walker, Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving, Houston Rockets’ Eric Gordon are in the final round. The Rockets’ Eric Gordon should have won it in regulation making 20 3’s but tie breaker overtime with the Cavs’ Kyrie Irving who also made 20 3’s. Overtime round, Kyrie Irving, he made 18 three’s. Eric Gordon needs to be 19 to win and he went passed that to win the 3-point shooting contest. He finished it in overtime. Eric Gordon, the NBA JBL 3-point Shooting Contest Big Winner. Little entertainment before the Dunk Contest. It’s about to go down. Let’s get it. Creative about to be at it’s finest. NBA All Star Weekend Dunkster. Hype session. Speechless time. Dunk contest begins kind of starts off exciting. Let’s see who come up and win the Dunk Contest tonight.

I didn’t know Indiana Pacers’ Glenn Robinson III got ups like that. Glenn Robinson aka Big Dog ( Glenn Robinson Jr. or The III Dad and former NBA Player himself) sure didn’t have ups like that. Oooo! Where you got that from young fella? LOL. Favorite Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon not exciting. No looking like the favorite. Last year’s Dunk Winner, Minnesota Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine, taking time off after winning 2 years in a row. He got ups. I used to watch UCLA games when Zach LaVine was in college just to watch him play. Nice good player. Creative ups. This year’s Dunk Contest…hmmm…so-so. Some one about to make it exciting though, who is…Indiana Pacers’ Glenn Robinson III doing it, making it exciting. Derrick Jones Jr. from the Phoenix Suns doing some impressive dunks too.


Derrick Jones Jr. vs. Glenn Robinson III in the championship round. Glenn Robinson III is the Slam Dunk Champion. I knew he was going to win. It was an alright Dunk Contest. Verizon Slam Dunk Champion Glenn Robinson III. Like Glenn Robinson III said, his grandma said he was slept on, well, you all awake now! LOL. How does Glenn Robinson the 3rd got ups like this? I need me an NBA Trainer., for real, LOL. You all should see my face right now like am all BEWILDERED. All lost, LOL. He got some U P S, yikeees! The All Star Game was good in New Orleans. Time for the big show, the main event, East vs.West tomorrow night at 7PM on TNT. Be there to watch, LOL.



The NBA All Star begins today and it starts with the World vs. USA. The allstarfuture stars of the NBA. I think the World is going to win.They look like they have the better players. The game started boring. World team was playing around passing too much. Smoothie King Center packed for this game. The game is going to be high scoring. TNT is the hosting channel. Buddy Hield taking the game over for the World team with 26 points for the time being. Jamal Murray, the Canadian Native, dropping 26 points including 6 3’s, yikeeees! Murray is not done yet though. This game was the World team game to win. I saw the USA’s roster and was like -_- really? That’s the best, like really? -_- really?!! You see my face. Like, come on!

jamal.pngWorld team’s Jamal Murray straight from University of Kentucky and member of the Denver Nuggets straight bodying his opponent on Friday Night game. He dropped 36 to finish the game and dropped 27 points in the second half. He better be the MVP, in which he was in the rising star challenge. Murray is a baller ,dropping 3 straight 3’s. He is putting in work. Canadians ballers coming on up. The World team straight beat the USA, 150-141. This game wasn’t really much to watch. Got to come to play in games and be ready at all times. All Star games or not. Be ready!

Denver Management must be happy with their Rookie Draft picks: Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic, who almost had a triple-double doing good and shining. The future looking good for the Nuggets after tonight. Some nice dunks in the game. Type of dunks you expect in the All Star game. Reverse backward dunk and some power dunks. Jonathon Simmons can defend and has some athleticism on him. Shout out to Karl Anthony Towns Jr. That young player can play and has some post moves on him. He is going to be an All Star soon. Some of the players tonight will be on the All Star team in the future. The future.

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I did not even know the NHL All star game was this Sunday, better yet this weekend. Like I didn’t see no advertisement about it. It just came out of no where. I saw it on NBC. This is Brainy Versatility where you expand your knowledge in every aspect of life whether it may sports. You don’t normally watch or books, herbal supplements, life, any thing that can expand your mind. Brainy Versatility is with it. Now let me get to the ALL Star Game. This is not like the NBA All star game in my books but it was something different to watch. The game was in California. I must admit I learn some new things.

Shea Weber wining the hardest shot for the 3rd straight time and Sydney Crosby wining the NHL Accuracy shot match up against the number pick of the 2016 draft. He better win against a rookie. I like hockey but just wasn’t tune into watching it till now. Expect to see my view on some NHL games in the near future. The All star event was OK, got to get familiar with this skills event they have. I will be watching it up close so nothing with the NHL catch me by surprise. But, the game was different it was name differently am still like what with that. Metropolitan VS. Pacific. I like east and west in my opinion. Metropolitan won 4-3.

I like that the players were mic up and relax show their personality. I see Crosby and Alex Ovechkin chilling and talking. I seen they got beef going at each other on ice but looks like they cool off the ice. Oops! Can’t say off the court, LOL. Its life and this is just a game so have fun and enjoy the journey as you go through life. I see a bunch of new stars at the All Star game like Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. Both number 1 pick in the NHL Draft. Going to be watching some Hockey and I soooooo want to go to a hockey game.

Expand your mind and try new things. Have some change in life, don’t stick to the same thing over and over. Change it up. Spice it up. Be adaptive to the unknown.