UEFA Champions League

This game was an head scratcher. I don’t know what Barcelona players were doing before the game or planning after the game BUT their head wasn’t in the game, that’s for sure. Barcelona lead in possession in term of minutes most of the game, but I guess they was thinking about the party or woman after the game. Why? Because scoring a goose head says it all. Come on, Barcelona! you guys are better than this. Simply to say Paris Saint-German-PSG- gave Barcelona a good ole fashion backyard beating.

angeldimariaShout out Angel Di Maria for stepping up on his 29th Birthday for PSG scoring two goals. He was going to shine this day and not let the Power house Barcelona wins this game. He scored in the 18 and 55 minutes. Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Sergio Busquets and Gerard Pique power house for Barcelona weren’t doing much for their team. They were not clicking I would say. I bet they are mad at each other with the way they played. They should be and play better next game.

PSG score 4 goalllllllllllls on Barcelona Forehead with two from Di Maria and the other two from Julian Draxler in the 40th minute and Edinson Cavani in the 71st minute. Barcelona got served that dinner lunch and breakfast so they tasting it and its not so good. PSG vs.┬áBarcelona what a head scratcher! What a labyrinthine! Labyrinthine because I am puzzled. Barcelona got to do better. Valentine’s Day must of got to them. Women, Valentine’s Day, mind on one thing and not Soccer. That’s whats in Barcelona minds doing the game, I guess. Shout to PSG for saying we here too, we been here, LOL.

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