4 Techniques to shoot like RAY Allen (Nothing but Net)


If you been reading my posts, you see that I have been doing some basketball drills for working out to get in shape. I mean, I can shoot; and the drill, just enhancing my jumper. Do you want to know how to shoot? Well, you in the right post. Your jumper is about to be wet, like a straight splash. You will be making more shots after this. I mention some of my shooting tips in little details in my workout post. You are about to get the full detailed how to make that game winning shot. I mean, I give kids advice of shooting tips and they get good results from it. OK. Time to get your jumper WET LIKE CURRY SINCE KIDS THESE DAYS PROBABLY DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT RAY ALLEN. YOUTUBE RAY ALLEN, HE CAN SHOOT!


Technique 1: When shooting a basketball, you have to make sure one of your hand is under the ball and the other hand guides a ball (the guiding hand). That is the basics, but I want you to get close to the rim and get the basketball and shoot with one hand.

This is what I mean, get the ball and put your hands (shooting hand) under the ball with your elbow in with your knees bend. The picture shown above illustrates what I am saying if you didn’t get it exactly.

Technique 2 and 3: Make sure when you shoot, you use the tip of your fingers and spread your fingers to shoot and give it a nice flick of the wrist.

Technique 4: Of course, bend your knees, it is vital to the process of shooting. Your knees give the whole shooting process flow, and shooting is all about proper flow. So, your knees give your shot power to get to the rim to make the shot. When you finish shooting, hold the pose of flicking your wrist after you shoot for following through your shot.

The goal is to get used to holding the ball properly and shooting with your finger tip, while your fingers are spread apart with your elbows in and bending your knees for a better release off your fingers to get a high percentage of making a NOTHING BUT NET SHOT.

Make sure when you’re shooting, you shoot with the tip of your fingers (reminding you). Keep practicing shooting with the one hand till you get the hang of those techniques properly.


Once you get those 4 techniques down, you got past the hard part. If you can shoot with one hand following those detailed techniques, then you graduated. Your jumper has elevated. Now, once you start shooting with your guide hand  the hand that guides the ball when you shoot with the shooting hand, you will have a smooth release and you will make more shots. The more you shoot with the tip of your fingers (fingers spread and elbows in) and knees bend, you should be swooping those nets. Nothing but net. Follow those techniques and see what happens. I am telling you, your jumper will be SPLASHING THE NET. Keep practicing and STICK with it.

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Day 23 and 24: New Diet + My Routine


Monday was the beginning of a new beginning. New Diet with fish and broccoli and I was getting adjusted to it. I was hungry (though broccoli and fish was enough), but apple cider vinegar (ACV) fixed that. ACV gave me energy and you guys will see a blog about that soon. I mean, I was tired and I drank 2 bottles of water mixed with a little apple cider vinegar and it worked. It made me power through my workout. I did my basketball drill and lay up drills with maximizing my jumping ability. You can’t forget the jump leap and up, which was the part I needed that ACV energy the MOST. I am getting adjusted to this new Broccoli and Fish Diet but can’t let it affect my training.

The Tabata Workout, I didn’t want to do but again I push through it. I was peeing a lot but peeing is weight loss…leaving the body, LOL. A gallon a day was doing it. The effect of not being used to this diet getting to me, but just got to get use to it and all will be good. I had 4 exercises to do within 20 secs, 4 times and it was long…but you already know I push through it. I cooked my fish well done, which was hmm..hmmm…Good! Well-done fishes last longer and taste better. So that was my reward from my workout — SOME WELL-GRILLED FISH. This diet is very challenging with working out, especially doing the Tabata workout. THE DIET IS CHALLENGING PERIOD BUT EVEN MORE CHALLENGING WITH OTHER ACTIVITIES. So I am getting to it. I am trying to get some more sleep as well. My body feels good. Apple Cider Vinegar is saving the day. Smiles. Smiles. Smiles. 😀

Overall, my workout is going good. Just needed to get adjusted to the food and workout. I try to do few different things each workout to change things up. For days in which I lack energy, I listen to that music as most of you all know and now am on that Apple Cider Vinegar. Also, do you know how much benefits it have for your body? Lots of benefits that are great for the body. Good for making your teeth whiter. I am sipping on it right now with some water. It makes it easier drinking a gallon of water a day. I thought it would be hard, but it’s not that bad. Getting things done and pushing through it. Getting these routines in and seeing results. You feel me? I said DO YOU FEEL ME?! 😀

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Day 15 and 16: The Rewards from Working out

15dayI didn’t want to workout on Friday, my last day of working out b-ball drills style. However, after I warmed up with some shooting, I started the drills. The drills were good and my shots were nice. I mean,the way I was shooting? I could of drop 50. The fingers to leg lift movement was on point –nothing but net shots. I felt like, it was my night to shoot and not miss much. If you play basketball, you know what I am talking about. Having that day, you know your jumper really good. I mean, it was really good! Shooting that good, I didn’t want to leave working out. Lets keep doing this drill. My shot was really good. You know it was that good, when all am doing is repeating myself. Its like, tasting food like…hmmmm! That was so good….(licks fingers), LOL, and you keep repeating it. Yeah, those basketball drills paying off as you all see by my last day performance. My Jumper was good (cool walk), LOL. Fun Workout Friday Night. Woooooo! When your jump shot good? You dancing and hyped like Stephen Curry, LOL.

Cardio on Saturday was “cardioing”, LOL (if that’s even a word). Last day of running the treadmill for 30 mins, it kind of went fast. I was hungry even though I ate not too long ago. I know one of you all had one of those days, you know, while working out you just thinking about what’s going to be for dinner. It was one of those days. Couldn’t decide exactly what I wanted. Finally, I decided on some unsalted peanuts. Keeping it simple. Mad proteins too and some carbs to it. Show you how dedicated I am when I pursue something, I am blogging and running. Look…. in life, if you start something you got to put your foot in and go no matter what.

Some people are going to support you and some are not. Just Euro-step pass them like Rondo (LOL). BUT for real though, don’t let someone stop your movement. Don’t start something then be slacking. I don’t play that. I take this workout serious and I found and will keep finding ways to work out effectively and efficiently. I take what I set my mind to serious, whether blogging, working out, work and future career. My work out stories be more about life and other things than work outs, I tell you. I don’t want to bore you all. Good looking out for listening (reading) on this workout journey.

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Day 7 and 8 Workout

Wednesday basketball drill was good — one of my better ones. I just wanted to finish the workout and go home.My jumper was crisps.Yeah, it was crispyyyyyy, LOL. I was following through my jumpers and my shooting technique looking good. Shooting techniques looking good means your jump shots is going to be nothing but net crisps. Working on dribbling and proper footwork in shooting. Remember, when you are shooting your shooting hand, the hand you use to shoot with make sure that elbow is tuck into your body. Kind of like a 45-degree angle–V<< elbow should look like that when its tuck into your side rib. Just tuck your elbow in and your hand under the ball. Shoot with your finger tips and your other hand the follow through hand is for guiding the ball when you shoot. The most important part to me in elbows in and bend your knees and follow through for proper footwork.

Younger as long as my elbows was in my shots was good, but you need proper footwork no matter young or old or which ever. Ray Allen taught me how to shoot ever since I saw how he hold the ball in how he shoots. Ever since that day, my jumper has been good. It took awhile to get it properly down quickly, but I stick with it and I can shoot good now. I can play on the perimeter and in the post. I am doing this shooting drill for working out because its fun and am working out. Before you know it, my jumper will be gooder than ever. I know gooder is not a word BUT it sounds good, so why not use it? LOL. Day 7 of the Workout was good. I wanted to go home and eat my rice and corn beef, LOL. Got the workout in and enjoy the night. Good work out though.

Day 8 Workout is cardio doing some cardio while watching some basketball. The TNT Basketball game Celtics Vs. Bulls. Watch some College Basketball too. However, I wanted to get this cardio in.Workout went so so quick. Still getting accustom to working out running. Can wait to I get to where I need to get to though. One day at a time. Progress. Sticking with it. Did that Running workout. Afterwards my legs was feeling it but a workout feeling.

I am all good. Looking good running. Brainy Versatility.

Basketball Drills and Cardio

Basketball drills was different; my shots were feeling weird day 2 of the work out. Did a lot of running, let’s just say. Being sick and running not cool. Made it though…gggrrrr…heart… ALL HEART. All the end of the workout, my jumpers were falling. I finished strong. Made 10 free throws in a row. Straight doing it.

Cardio was fun. Watch some basketball on TNT. Made the run easier. Nothing more to it but run on a treadmill. The incline rate was higher the second day around for treadmill. This is what I’ll be doing this process every other day running. So sounds fun huh, LOL. My legs muscles and shoulder with chest still there. Make sure you stretch when you work out. Cramps are no jokes and Stay hydrated.

Yeah, expect basketball drills and cardio every other day for some weeks. Should see some results starting 3 weeks or so. Going to change it up in 2 or 3 weeks, so my body don’t get stagnant to the same thing. Stagnant means no results because your body is used to doing the same thing over and over. No challenge, no change. Learn about the body.

Say no to plateau and keep learning. Brainy Versatility.