Day 13 and 14: How to have fun while working out

13dayIt is official, this week is my last week of doing this basketball drills. I may stick to the cardio, though. Time for a change. Changing your workout after 2-3 weeks is a way to challenge and keep workouts fun. Keep your body guessing, so you don’t plateau. I think the next set of workout I will do will be body workout and a basketball drill in there. Keeping it versatile and interesting. So, basketball workout on Wednesday was good. It was a raining day but my jumper was wet like the rain. Once I get my feet and arm set, that ball in going through the net. Shot still hot even on a raining day, LOL.


I did most of the basketball drills differently. I warmed up with some jumpers, you know, having some fun. Once I started working out, you can see that finger tip ball rotation was on point on my free throws. My dribble getting better too. Turn on some hip hop music and got my workout on. I must say, I feel good on a Thursday morning. Feel like I can bang on someone, LOL. If you don’t know what banging on someone is, well, look at the image to the right. Straight dunking, LOL. I feeel my body getting tall and lean. I am taking this process slow. Trying to make what I eat a lifestyle, once I start to completely eating healthy. Eating healthy is good and fun when you find your niche around it.

With the cardio on Thursday, it was alright. I mean, cardio while watching what you like makes it go by faster. Watching the Cavs hype up the crowd at home. Basketball <3. 35 minutes running or should I say jogging (LOL) while writing a blog. Can you say dedication? Multi-tasking. Once I start something, I have to be good at it or give it my best. My calves muscles and quad strong and flexing its muscles. I mean, my calves are cut. Running was just running. Running with changing the incline level and speed level. Incline is where you burn that fat at, because you going uphill burning more calories and its harder. You are challenging your body. Have fun doing it.

Working out is about having fun. Fun is doing what physical activities work for you. That could be dancing, basketball, running,walking, tennis, soccer, even video gaming such as Dance Revolution. That game get your foot work right. Just do the activities that are fun to you and you see your body change. Workouts are suppose to be fun, so go out there and have fun. I change my workout to workouts to what challenges me and I have fun at the same time doing it. Lets share some Workout Knowledge together.

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