The NBA All Star begins today and it starts with the World vs. USA. The allstarfuture stars of the NBA. I think the World is going to win.They look like they have the better players. The game started boring. World team was playing around passing too much. Smoothie King Center packed for this game. The game is going to be high scoring. TNT is the hosting channel. Buddy Hield taking the game over for the World team with 26 points for the time being. Jamal Murray, the Canadian Native, dropping 26 points including 6 3’s, yikeeees! Murray is not done yet though. This game was the World team game to win. I saw the USA’s roster and was like -_- really? That’s the best, like really? -_- really?!! You see my face. Like, come on!

jamal.pngWorld team’s Jamal Murray straight from University of Kentucky and member of the Denver Nuggets straight bodying his opponent on Friday Night game. He dropped 36 to finish the game and dropped 27 points in the second half. He better be the MVP, in which he was in the rising star challenge. Murray is a baller ,dropping 3 straight 3’s. He is putting in work. Canadians ballers coming on up. The World team straight beat the USA, 150-141. This game wasn’t really much to watch. Got to come to play in games and be ready at all times. All Star games or not. Be ready!

Denver Management must be happy with their Rookie Draft picks: Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic, who almost had a triple-double doing good and shining. The future looking good for the Nuggets after tonight. Some nice dunks in the game. Type of dunks you expect in the All Star game. Reverse backward dunk and some power dunks. Jonathon Simmons can defend and has some athleticism on him. Shout out to Karl Anthony Towns Jr. That young player can play and has some post moves on him. He is going to be an All Star soon. Some of the players tonight will be on the All Star team in the future. The future.

Keep working hard. Brainy Versatility.