Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries occur whether in life or sports. The most unexpected one happens when doing normal day activities like walking or walking up the stairs. Some injuries are more severe than others. In some cases, it is just a sprain while in other cases the ligament is partially or completely torn (which is a severe case). In the severe cases, surgery might be needed if the therapy is not working.

Most cases are just sprained ankles; in which the ankle is stretched out in an awkward position. The one I seen with a physical therapist is mostly ankle sprain and in rare cases completely ligament tear. Either way, ankle injuries are nothing to play with (they hurt). I would know. I rolled my ankle like 2 to 3 times on the same foot for like 2 weeks in a row playing basketball. So I feel for someone that sprain his or her ankle.

gasexerThe exercises that that have seen worked that physical therapist recommend are mobility and stretching exercises. Stretches like the Gastrocnemius Stretch, which is basically calf stretching against the wall. Also, doing exercises like Calf raisers helps with ankle injuries.The best way to begin if having a physical therapist give a massage on the injury ankle for calming down the tense muscle before beginning exercises to get back the strength and function of your ankle ligament.

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