Capitals can’t be Stopped at Home


Capitals are something else. I watched them on Sunday and they blew out the Kings. Now on Thursdays game, they are still dropping more than 5 goals a game. They score at least 5 goals in their last 10 home games. They won 11 games in a row and they are on fire. Ooooooo! Blow them out. If they played at home, they can’t be stopped. They going to dropped at least 5 goals on their opponent IF their opponent don’t watch out. I don’t know if its the team they are playing or how good the Washington Capitals are, but they are on the on fire radar.


10 straight home games with scoring 5 goals or more and they are setting records. Detroit Red Wings use to be good but today they got burned. They got “red-winged.” I guess. Alex Ovechkin didn’t even shot at the goal but the team was so good they drop six goals. Star player resting tonight. Rest Ovechkin. T.J Oshie scored two goals. The game was tie at the end of the 1st quarter but Capital did some work on the Red Wings. Red Wings scored 3 goals but still.

Capital won 6-3 and 3 players scored at least 1 goal with Oshie leading the goal scorers with 2 goals. Capitals needs to play at home more since the crowd helping them get some wins. They feel more comfortable at home. Capital handling their business with one of the best records in the league. Give it up to them. This game was one of the top game on Thursday, but the final score might not show that. The game was really over in the 3rd and final quarter when the Capitals score 3 goals to finish the Red Wings off. This game was good.

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The Caps

Kings got goose egg in Washington on Sunday afternoon with a 5-0 straight brawl beat down. The game (well the 1st quarter), Washington attack and went ahead 2-0 then add another 2 goals in the 2 quarter to have a 4-0 lead. The game was a game of goal-tending. Who protect the goal and Capitals’ Peter Budaj did just that with pulling out a shout for his team.

Jeff Zatkoff, the goalie, for the Kings was on the other end straight get body shots. Five shots to the body for him as he didn’t help his team out much. It is a team game so cant blame it all on the goalie. Lots of assist in this game for straight goals. I am sure the Kings will be okay though. This was a straight butt kicking game to say that as much.

Alex Ovechkin plays like a star and his team has an impressive record. Top Skater was Washington’s Lars Eller though. So Ovechkin got some good teammates with him. Hockey season is well on the way. This Sunday afternoon game on NBC was good to watch. Hopefully, some of you all watched it too. There was full attendance in the Verizon Center in Washington.D.C.

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