Deadline Week: Crack LIFE Mode!

Crack mode means constantly moving and getting what needs to done handled.

Come and Join me on this Journey into getting in  OPTIMAL SHAPE!

Workout Week(63-69 ) April17-April 23

This past week was about crunch time. Getting things done on my to-do list.

It was a re-boot week. Come with me on this Journey and coast. Relax.

It was a chill week.

Monday, April 17

Monday was a busy day I had to finalize some taxes. I came up with a new workout program since am going to be busy soon. I am going to focus on each major muscle of the body. 7 muscle parts to be exact. I am doing each muscle group for 4weeks along with doing cardio. Compound exercises for chest, bicep, triceps, shoulder, abs, back, and legs. Going to make some sweet loving to each muscle group. But for this week I am just doing cardio. LONG RUNS!

Tuesday, April 18

Tuesday was good. I was still in my zone of getting things done. I did not feel like working out but that’s Tuesday for you. I did do some cardio. I don’t play that. I just wanted to relax. It’s crunch time. Just relax and do things one step at a time.

Wednesday, April 19

I woke up early on Wednesday. I have been tired for some days now. I just fell asleep on my computer like really. This happened more than once. I am energized for Wednesday though. I was running while I wrote this blog. Well, jogging. The cardio week gives my body a chance for the week. It was a healthy vegetable day too with some tuna. Once I get everything figured out with scheduling I’ll be even better than before. Grrrrr, let’s get it.

Thursday, April 20

Thursday was  Character building day. Things some people say just wow. Think before you speak especially when you’re not a kid. Bs comments or statement you are better off just acting like it didn’t happen.Handle it all cool. I got this lol. Cardio went straight. Overall it was a good day. 

Friday, April 21

Friday was so calm and smooth. I dislike depending on people. Got to learn and do things yourself. The cardio week all week. Good for the heart. Feels like Fri. I have nothing much to say about Friday.

Saturday, April 22

I was busy all day but finished my day in time to relax. I did some late night running while listening to music. NBA playoffs here so it’s time to win or go home. I was grinding on Saturday. Got to be cautious online before any moving further. Freestyle Saturday. I hope you all had a good day.

Sunday, April 23

Rainy day. It was raining when I woke up. Raining even harder as I went outside for some cardio. It was a chill and cuddle day. Maybe get some cuddle action lol. Anyways, I was eating well on Sunday. I got my cooking on. Getting that Chef brainy A dee on lol. I am still grinding but finished my day kind of early. All I need to do is take a shower and chill on my bed. I hope you all had a good week. Keep chipping in every day.

Last week was alright. As you saw nothing was going on just getting tasks done and getting it done. Everything has a deadline and let’s just say I handled the situation. Let’s see what this upcoming week brings. Try to think positive and let’s get it. You feel me.

Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive.



Day 7 and 8 Workout

Wednesday basketball drill was good — one of my better ones. I just wanted to finish the workout and go home.My jumper was crisps.Yeah, it was crispyyyyyy, LOL. I was following through my jumpers and my shooting technique looking good. Shooting techniques looking good means your jump shots is going to be nothing but net crisps. Working on dribbling and proper footwork in shooting. Remember, when you are shooting your shooting hand, the hand you use to shoot with make sure that elbow is tuck into your body. Kind of like a 45-degree angle–V<< elbow should look like that when its tuck into your side rib. Just tuck your elbow in and your hand under the ball. Shoot with your finger tips and your other hand the follow through hand is for guiding the ball when you shoot. The most important part to me in elbows in and bend your knees and follow through for proper footwork.

Younger as long as my elbows was in my shots was good, but you need proper footwork no matter young or old or which ever. Ray Allen taught me how to shoot ever since I saw how he hold the ball in how he shoots. Ever since that day, my jumper has been good. It took awhile to get it properly down quickly, but I stick with it and I can shoot good now. I can play on the perimeter and in the post. I am doing this shooting drill for working out because its fun and am working out. Before you know it, my jumper will be gooder than ever. I know gooder is not a word BUT it sounds good, so why not use it? LOL. Day 7 of the Workout was good. I wanted to go home and eat my rice and corn beef, LOL. Got the workout in and enjoy the night. Good work out though.

Day 8 Workout is cardio doing some cardio while watching some basketball. The TNT Basketball game Celtics Vs. Bulls. Watch some College Basketball too. However, I wanted to get this cardio in.Workout went so so quick. Still getting accustom to working out running. Can wait to I get to where I need to get to though. One day at a time. Progress. Sticking with it. Did that Running workout. Afterwards my legs was feeling it but a workout feeling.

I am all good. Looking good running. Brainy Versatility.