Day 7 and 8 Workout

Wednesday basketball drill was good — one of my better ones. I just wanted to finish the workout and go home.My jumper was crisps.Yeah, it was crispyyyyyy, LOL. I was following through my jumpers and my shooting technique looking good. Shooting techniques looking good means your jump shots is going to be nothing but net crisps. Working on dribbling and proper footwork in shooting. Remember, when you are shooting your shooting hand, the hand you use to shoot with make sure that elbow is tuck into your body. Kind of like a 45-degree angle–V<< elbow should look like that when its tuck into your side rib. Just tuck your elbow in and your hand under the ball. Shoot with your finger tips and your other hand the follow through hand is for guiding the ball when you shoot. The most important part to me in elbows in and bend your knees and follow through for proper footwork.

Younger as long as my elbows was in my shots was good, but you need proper footwork no matter young or old or which ever. Ray Allen taught me how to shoot ever since I saw how he hold the ball in how he shoots. Ever since that day, my jumper has been good. It took awhile to get it properly down quickly, but I stick with it and I can shoot good now. I can play on the perimeter and in the post. I am doing this shooting drill for working out because its fun and am working out. Before you know it, my jumper will be gooder than ever. I know gooder is not a word BUT it sounds good, so why not use it? LOL. Day 7 of the Workout was good. I wanted to go home and eat my rice and corn beef, LOL. Got the workout in and enjoy the night. Good work out though.

Day 8 Workout is cardio doing some cardio while watching some basketball. The TNT Basketball game Celtics Vs. Bulls. Watch some College Basketball too. However, I wanted to get this cardio in.Workout went so so quick. Still getting accustom to working out running. Can wait to I get to where I need to get to though. One day at a time. Progress. Sticking with it. Did that Running workout. Afterwards my legs was feeling it but a workout feeling.

I am all good. Looking good running. Brainy Versatility.

Day Five and Six: Two in Two Days

The Basketball Drills on Monday was something. I mean, I was tired from a day of my body working. Nothing like working out while tired. I was tired that I didn’t even want to work out; but you already know the deal. You workout while your down. You suppose to let your worst days be your best days with straight heart and determination. My knees was not giving no lift but I was still making shots. You need your knees to make shots in basketball and these knees wanted to rest. Straight buckets homie, LOL, with no lift. It is hard working out while your tired. I was just thinking of getting done and resting. If I set my mind to it I must do it. And I did it. Workout done 😀

My knees was still feeling the workout from Sunday till Tuesday, but I was able to get my cardio in. I got to get in shape and just beginning to workout and I am feeling it. The first week and some part of the 2nd week are the hardest. You don’t give up seeing challenges just keep pushing. Keep pecking on that wood. Sooner or later it would fall. When it fall all the work I put in will be seen. Nothing like a good shower though and food to recover after a day when your body is tired. Refresh my mind and body. I need to look into some herbs to start using again. Ooooo! natural herbs 😀

Good day today, getting some workout in anyway possible. Getting good with this cardio and seeing my body adapting to it. Two in Two Days wouldn’t be bad if I wasn’t tired. Tired or not, go out there and workout no matter what. Push through the tired days and I’ll tell you, you feel better about yourself afterwards. The workouts you do while your tired or down are worth more than the ones you do when you feeling all good. Remember that.

Get that body workout in. Feeling good after workout. Brainy Versatility 😀

Basketball Drills and Cardio

Basketball drills was different; my shots were feeling weird day 2 of the work out. Did a lot of running, let’s just say. Being sick and running not cool. Made it though…gggrrrr…heart… ALL HEART. All the end of the workout, my jumpers were falling. I finished strong. Made 10 free throws in a row. Straight doing it.

Cardio was fun. Watch some basketball on TNT. Made the run easier. Nothing more to it but run on a treadmill. The incline rate was higher the second day around for treadmill. This is what I’ll be doing this process every other day running. So sounds fun huh, LOL. My legs muscles and shoulder with chest still there. Make sure you stretch when you work out. Cramps are no jokes and Stay hydrated.

Yeah, expect basketball drills and cardio every other day for some weeks. Should see some results starting 3 weeks or so. Going to change it up in 2 or 3 weeks, so my body don’t get stagnant to the same thing. Stagnant means no results because your body is used to doing the same thing over and over. No challenge, no change. Learn about the body.

Say no to plateau and keep learning. Brainy Versatility.

Day 2: Cardio

Yesterday I was sick working out; but as I been said is about heart. Nothing cant stop you if you want something. I paid for working out Day 1 with the basketball drills. The flu got to me that night. Day 2 was fighting the flu but with some Vitamin C and rubbing my chest with some cold rubs. I was good to go to do some cardio. I cardio it out. 30 mins and I was going to do 15 mins because my leg was tripping; but I told myself 20 mins then am like, you know what 30 mins? I did over 30 mins. I would of been beating myself up if I didn’t jog for 30 mins.

I feel bad if I send something and I did not do it. Got to hold yourself accountable. I got it done. Did 30 plus mins and my calves still there. I made it through. Still trying to fight this flu but not going to stop me from working out. Week 1 the hardest week I got this though. Made it through the workout with watching sports but it was a long nice treadmill run.

I mixed it up raising the incline level and speed up throughout the run. It was not as hard though but I definitely need to improve my cardio. I move around a lot though. Need to refine my body so one day at a time. Every morning the body changes but it changes while your resting. Learning about the body.

Be Adaptive. Brainy Versatility.

Day 1: Basketball Drills

Started my workout officially on Monday. My workout consists of cardio and basketball drills. I haven’t been going in on my workout so need to get to it. Cardio is a 20-minute jog on treadmill or optical. The basketball drill is just using cones and making basketball moves around cones making it like a game time situation. The basketball should be 20 mins and should be fun. The key to work is keeping it fun. With the cardio, as long as you have music you should be good.

Music is the key in workouts. Makes it go by faster. I think I am going to do this 6 to 8 weeks to get my body adapted to it and I am changing the intensity up each week so start slow and finished hard. After this I will begin weight training again. Resistance bands and weights or body weights. My body needs this work out. With that stretching is a must. Especially your knees and back.

I will be doing the basketball drills today (Monday) and do cardio tomorrow. Time to get this body right with a good diet plan as well. Vegetables, proteins, and some whole grains along with fruits. Protein and carbs with every meal. Proteins includes beef, chicken, eggs, fish, tuna and different kinds of proteins. About to time myself and get this workout in. Work that body your body needs it. You need it.

My 1st day was good. Finished the workout in like 30 minutes; did some elbow jumpers with jab steps and shoot and curl shots along with half court offense dribble with pull up Jumper. Shot free throw after after each session to be exact and if I miss I ran up and down the whole court 4 times if I missed one and 6 times If i missed twice. I only ran six times. My jumper is good, so I was wetting the shots up. Like nothing but Net shots. I need to get in shape but I will get there in no time. One day at a time. Work out starts.

Get your body adaptive. Brainy Versatility.