How the Oscars Made my Night! Hercules! Hercules!

oscars1.pngI didn’t know the Oscar was this big. Excuse me here, don’t jump on me (LOL) for not knowing. It is good watching people be happy and adding accomplishments to their lives. In the case of Andrew Garfield, being nominated for best Actor in the Oscars…in his first nominated Oscar. What a day it must be for him. I know his whole family and friends are happy. All that hard work and just grinding is paying off. He got his chance and made the best out of it. Good hearing stories like that. I am sure it wasn’t an easy road for him, but he kept at it. Look at him now at the Oscar with all the stars — Salute. This is a living proof of opportunity meeting hard work. Shout out to all the nominees.


On another good note, the Oscars giving equal opportunity to all colors. Life is about equality, being able to give the right for an opportunity. Good to see them changing the rules and look past race, well, I hope they look past race. I think, this is why some people aren’t fond of the Oscars as I found out. So, the Lion’s actor Dev Patel and Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali getting their first nomination at the Oscars. Special shout out to Dev Patel! He is there with his mom…aww! Touch heart 😀 Don’t hate (LOL), thats #respect. Patel and Ali fought for their chance and got it. Patel campaigned for having a role in the movie Lion and it is paying off. All his hard work is paying off. Same goes for Ali, he’s an impressive man and it shows he has good work ethic. Congratulations to Mahershala Ali on having his first daughter this week. Ali winning his first Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. He acted like he suppose to win the Oscar and he is the first Muslim to win the Oscars, which is hard to believe. Be always thankful, good or bad. I know, he is thankful.


The way the Oscars end with La La Land wining Best Pictures, BUT they didn’t because Moonlight won it. Shout out to Moonlight cast getting some Oscars. I got to watch Moonlight. I recommend y’all to watch that film bacause it is so touching. All you need is a chance. As you see, people in power giving people chances and you see the wonders they do. Just look like the two black men from Liberty City’s writer/director, Barry Jenkins, and writer, Tarell Alvin McCraney, wining the Best Adapted Screenplay. Taking that Oscar to the 305. If you don’t know about Liberty City, well, it is an inner city in Miami, Florida. Lets just say if you made it out of there, you got mad heart. Lots of crimes, drugs and illegal activities over there and not place you see people thrive. For them to thrive that hard, bring joy to my heart. Mad Respect to y’all.

oscars4Some or probably most people in the inner city…wait…let’s just say people in general, need is a chance as to what Barry Jenkins and Tarell Alvin McCraney did; and look at them wining that Oscar. It almost made me cry. You know the stress they have to go to just to survive in Liberty City. I know about Miami and I know they got resiliency in them. I mean, success story like this makes you cry. If you knew the area where they are from, you will definitely cry too. I mean, if you don’t have no kind of emotions for this, you got no heart. Show some love in your heart and get the hatred out your heart, that is real struggle they went through to get to the Oscar. Thank you to the people who gave them a chance. Much love. Oscars giving people equal opportunities now. Salute. Mad Respect. Salute.

This is a big night and a big event. Name of clothes I haven’t even heard oscars5.pngof, but I am willing to learn. I am rooting for the first time nominees as it’s always a good feeling working hard and getting the result. This is sacrificing for your goal and achieving it. Yeah, be happy for them, I know I am. Shout out and respect to Moonlight. Oh man, that made my night. I hope they are giving back and give a chance to the people of Liberty City like the chance they got. Ending with a good note. Chances. Hard work paid off. Believing in yourself. Others believing in you. Getting Chances. Giving back. Caring. Heart.

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The Grammy Awards shows how work ethics and determination can work for you. Prime example of this is Chance the rapper. I mean some people might not even know who he is. The first music I heard from him was in college at the gym; first and only time until recently. You would think he is old, but no, he is young (real young, early 20s). He is like 23 and already doing big thing. Work and determination says it all. He won 3 Grammys. To be honest, I was like, huh? He won what? I remember he is like a college music rapper; that means only college kids know him. He kept climbing up the leader and kept working. He has resiliency which means he has heart. All that result in winning Grammys. He can now say he is a Grammy Award winner, not once but trice!

Chance, the rapper, is from Chicago, Illinois; so you know he has the dog in him. The pursue, the heart, the grrrr (you know what I am talking about, I hope). Just know he has what he takes to be successful. I bet no one thought he was going to win some Grammys, not even himself. If you think so, psshhhhh…stoppp! You know darn well you didn’t think. Like Adidas nothing is impossible — that is my motto in life. There is always a way for a problem, just have to find it. Chance, the rapper, find that solution to his problem before we knew it and he is reaping the benefits on Sunday.

Chance, the rapper, aka Chancellor Bennett, won his first Grammy and he ran to the stage and almost tripped. Yeah, I saw that! Don’t try to play it off, man. He hugged the guy, well, who wouldn’t? After winning a Grammy. I know he didn’t even think he would win 3 Grammys that night. That is work putting your foot in the mud and keep grinding do for you. If you want something you have to show you want and then be dedicated to it. Dedication means work ethics, hard work and once you put in the work then you see the results. Chance, the rapper, saw those results more than he even imagine. That shows persistence and being in the lab paid off. What you do in the studio or wherever will show when its time to performance good or bad. So work hard and you will see the results.

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Life brings opportunities you want or was not expecting for but you have to be ready for it. Be ready for your life goal whenever it comes. The wait makes you nervous but if you want, something you find will to help you with it. When the Times come just take a deep breath and go for it. The best ones are the ones you been preparing for. Prepare for the best. Want something in life got to work for it. Just to show people you want this. That is what I do whether you want to gain or lose weight. Reach a goal. Do not let anything come in your way. I know things come up in life but got to learn how to multiple tasks.

Opportunities come and go so as long as you are ready for yours then you take advantage of what’s to come. Everything happens for specific reason good or bad so does not let anything get you down. Just keep pushing because it gets better. The whole point is when the chance come for you to cash in on your long hard work whether it may be getting in shape, school, or making money. Whether it may be just be ready for the opportunity.
I am doing well with multi tasking. Some things might not be going right in life but got to work through it and focus. Multi task and focus on what’s on your plate and eat it up. It is all about organizing everything and putting them in their place. Dish and dunk. Executing the task in hand. Everyday have task to accomplish then build on it. I have a list of things I have to do every day. If I do not complete it kinds of bother me. Doing things like this makes you get ready for the opportunities that are in front of you.


Got to get ready for the opportunities ahead. Expand yourself and mind. Get Versatile with your Brain.