Jacking Up the Win

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Pittsburgh Penguins on Friday Night. I knew this was going to be a close game. Two good teams going at it. It was going to be a game of heart. Till the end, they battle. They went at each other. The team with the best goalie won.The game was scoreless in the 1st quarter. The second quarter both teams score a goal. Ian Cole, a defense man, scored a goal; and Defense man, Ryan Murray, also scored. The game was scoreless till the end of the 3rd quarter, which means this game went to overtime in which you know it got to be a good game if it went to overtime. Both teams wanted this W.


Sergei Bobrovsky played good for the Blue Jackets; he has 38 saves and was doing his goal tending thing especially against a good team like the Pittsburgh Penguins. Matt Murray, Pittsburgh Penguin goal tender, played good too just not as good as the Blue Jackets goal tender. This game came down to who had the better goalie for the night. Which goalie had more heart. This game was a game of saved and one save was a difference between a Win and a L. 38 saves won the game and 37 saves needed 38 saves to end the game in a tie.


This game went to overtime; and Center, Brandon Dubinsky, scored the game winner to get the Columbus Blue Jackets the winning goal. Columbus Blue Jackets beat the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2 in overtime. It was a hard-fought W for the Blue Jackets. They are coming to play after they got the work from the New York Rangers. They bouncing back well. I like the way they are playing. They are playing with heart now. Grrr! Straight heart, that’s how you play. This game shows a lot because it was a heart game. Looks like Center, Sidney Crosby, had quiet night, no goals or the Blue Jackets kept in line. Crosby is a good player.

The team that wants it more tonight won. Heart. All Heart. Brainy Versatility.

High Scoring Blue Jackets


Blue Jackets be jacking teams up, at least they did tonight. Toronto Maple Leafs, another member of the group that got jacked up by Blue Jackets. Blue Jackets may of let the New York Rangers get by with a win recently at home, BUT on Wednesday night they was not letting this home game go away easy. They smelled blood and they attacked. Toronto had no chance. The game was getting out of control in the 1st quarter with the Columbus Blue Jackets leading 2-0. Both teams are good but Blue Jackets ready to jack someone up, LOL.

Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio was going to be live this Wednesday for this game. Blue Jackets scored five goals. Boone Jenner, the Center, scored a goal. Zach Werenski had 2 assist and the Goal Tender, Joonas Korpisalo had 31 saves to get the Blue Jackets this win at home. Both Right Wing, Olive “O” Bjorkstrand and Josh Anderson scored a goal. Both Left Wing, Nick Foligno and Matt Calvert also scored goal. Tonight game was a Wing game because both Wings dominated on the Maple Leafs.

Of course, the Maple Leafs scored, 2 goals to be exact. It was too late though. Blue Jackets scored 2 goals in the 1st and 2nd quarter. That alone in itself made the game over with. Those two quarters were nighty night for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Columbus made up for their game; they let go against the New York Rangers the other day by totally taking it on the Maple Leafs. They did good. 😀 They played good. They responded well:D.

Do good. Mentally Focused. Brainy Versatility 😀

Two Good Teams

NHL’s Monday Night was a match up between two good teams and it was a fight till the end. New York Rangers went over to play the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. This game was about who ever had the most shots on goal with the most efficiency will win this game. Blue Jackets had more shots with 32 and Rangers got 23 shots. They were going at it. This game was going back forth. Ranger had the most efficiency so who you think won this game.


It took till the 3rd quarter to finish the game off. Blue Jackets finished this game in the last period allowing two goals for the Rangers to win. Both teams had no power plays goals BUT did had some hits in. The winning team had less hits with 5 than the beaten which has 8 hits. You can tell this game was going to be a good one and a close from both team records. They have similar records. Rangers are 37-18-1 and Blue Jackets are 35-15-5.

Left Wing Jimmy Vesey who looks like a New Yorker, by the way and Antti Raanta the Goal tender were the reason the rangers won. The goal tender saved 30 shots out of 32 so that is pretty good. The game was final at 3-2 Rangers, so they went away and came back with a W. Went in the Blue Jackets house took their cookies and some milk getting that double dip in since they got the WIN, Looool.

Monday NHL. Brainy Versatility.