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Keep pushing toward your goals. ACT ON THEM. LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES!


SOME PEOPLE  ARE ALWAYS SAYING ALWAYS HAVE A SECOND PLAN from your MAJOR plan. BUT, IN MY MIND ONCE I SET MY MIND TO IT I AM GETTING THAT GOAL. IF I DON’T GET THE GOAL (I AM GETTING THE GOAL), I know I gave the first plan all the attention and focus it needed. 100%. Most of the time when you give something YOUR ALL. Well, most of the time you will reach it because you have that burning desire to succeed. If he or she can do be successful SO WHY CAN’T YOU BE SUCCESSFUL AS WELL? BE HUNGRY FOR YOUR GOALS! SUCCESS IS WHAT YOU ARE HUNGRY FOR SO GO EAT! FOCUS ON THE GOAL=EYE ON THE PRIZE


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Attack the day. Be productive. Be Knowledgeable. Believe in yourself. Be Adaptive. Brainy Versatility.

The key to overcoming negativity and turning it into an inspirational positive story.

Come and Read about how to turn bad situation into good outcome.

Inspiration ways to have the will to change a bad situation into a positive outcome.

Based on my personal experience and wisdom I learned through life.

In life, you get down. You get weak. You feel like giving up. Especially when something does not go your way. In life, you cannot be weak. In life, let your negative point be your strongest point. I am stubborn even though I won’t really admit it lol. In all seriousness, I use it to my advantage. The stubbornness is where I get the discipline. The will to turn negative into positive. Everyone has the will and it does not have to be stubbornness it can be anything you want it to be to keep you going. It can be family, friends, love one, sports, work, people that keep you going. Anything to help keep your head up.

 When I go through something negative regarding life, school, or anything in particular. YEAH, initially I am sad but I find ways to do better. So next time I will turn that negative experience into a positive one. When you are down, PLEASE don’t stay down. Get up and keep swinging. It makes me sad to see a person down and he or she does not swing. I feel like tears coming down my eyes writing this. Because, where is your heart and will to overcome your struggles? You have to swing. I do not care if you miss at least you swing. The key to turning negative into positive is your will. You saying to yourself: I am going to prove them wrong or prove myself right. It all start with YOURSELF. The moment you decide to turn your negative situation into a positive one is the moment you get a pen with a paper and write down your goals day by day. When you write something down you are more likely to make it happen. Turn something hard into something simple by breaking it down to its simplest term. Don’t make it harder than it is. If your goal is to be happy. Write down what you want and need to make you happy. Then, go after it. It may be hard for you at first but you will eventually overcome the challenge.

Just think about you being a boxing match and you get knock down. What are you going to do? Just lay down? or are you going to give it your all? As long as you give it your all, no matter if it’s good or bad you know you stuck in there and fought. Life is about HEART. If you see my previously posts, you see me talk about HEART a lot. If you have a heart then you can turn the negative into positive easily. If you don’t have heart well fake it until you make it.

This is the life so you can’t be weak. Nothing comes easy. You want it well go get it. You Work+have to have that feistiness to you. The mindset has to be right. You cannot always think negative then think positive will happen. Think positive as much as possible because you are what energy you put around you. If you cannot be positive then be neutral.

For example, I do not like to be too happy because I learned that is not good for me. It is like being too prideful in a way. So, in any situation, I think positively or neutral most of the time. Of course, you will be sad sometimes that is normal just go through the phase get it out your system and get back to work. Work as in going back to attacking life and making it the best you can.

 Get that work in. Turning negative into Positive is not going to happen by you being down on yourself. So get your butt up and do something. Whatever it is you are doing something. Anytime, I feel like a bad day is coming up. I always make it a MUST to go do something outside. Feeling sorry for yourself is not going to make anything better. Go do something productive and fight it away.

The main points to turning a negative thing into a positive one are just having the will, discipline and goal settings to do better. Use the negativity as a tool of motivation to better yourself. In every bad situation, there is always something good in there. Therefore, don’t be down on yourself just soak it in even though it is hard and search, locate and destroy that negativity. Turn that sad pain you having into joy by working hard and setting goals to be better. Everything happens for a reason. Either the reason is going to make you good or bad. That is up to you to decide. Get that burning fire and don’t let anything bad put you so down you can’t turn it into positive.


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Hate is Motivation: Thank YOU

Don’t let anyone stop you from reaching your potential.

Learn from your mistake. It is a learning experience.  Learn from the hate. Use it as a motivation.


If people are hating it means you are doing something meaningful most of the time.

Take it as a compliment!

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Be Supportive. Get that hatred out your heart! Help Others. Believe in yourself. Brainy Versatility. Be Adaptive.

Day 19 and 20: Pushing through the Sick Days


On Wednesday Workout, I was sick BUT I still power through the workout. I mixed out the workout. I did the stop and go dribble workout first, to work on my explosiveness moving forward. It is a work in progress. My dribble getting better, though.With me not being that good feeling mode, I was still pulling through. I was saving my energy for the jump forward and jump up exerciser. The last exercise of the workout. This one makes your leg burn. I finished it and of course, I was tired. I was going to finish the workout sick or not. I start it, I’ma finish it. You get what I am saying. This is no joke. You all get your workout right.

Tabata Workout, the second day, well, I thought I was doing the workout wrong when I began with the squat jump (LOL), but I was getting it as it was meant to be. I was tired with it, but I finished it. I mean, it is only 4-minute workout, but you are going to be tired when you are done. I am trying to get my endurance back, so this is a good way for that. I finished early with the workout and rest for the night. I need to start resting my body more. This Tabata Workout getting my body right. Getting my leg right too.

Both workout days were good. I had to push through it…you feel me? Getting that body right. Before you know it, I will be all tall and big running a 4.4 flat, LOL. In life, you have to workout, so your body can be right. Your body being right means, you will be able to enjoy life. Enjoying life with a free range of motion with no pain and all joy. Therefore, please take your workout serious and be discipline. You can workout with doing the things you like doing the most, like dancing, soccer, basketball, skating, ice skating, walking; BUT whatever it is, go out and do it. Have fun. Get that body and let people know you’re healthy and you know it. When you feel tired or sick, remember just fight through it, however be cautious. There is a difference between being brave and being dangerous. Safety first and your life first (always). So, if you know you can’t go anymore, don’t do damage to yourself. I knew I can finish, so I kept going. Be Knowledgeable. Be sure to spread the Word about Brainy Versatility.

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Day 7 and 8 Workout

Wednesday basketball drill was good — one of my better ones. I just wanted to finish the workout and go home.My jumper was crisps.Yeah, it was crispyyyyyy, LOL. I was following through my jumpers and my shooting technique looking good. Shooting techniques looking good means your jump shots is going to be nothing but net crisps. Working on dribbling and proper footwork in shooting. Remember, when you are shooting your shooting hand, the hand you use to shoot with make sure that elbow is tuck into your body. Kind of like a 45-degree angle–V<< elbow should look like that when its tuck into your side rib. Just tuck your elbow in and your hand under the ball. Shoot with your finger tips and your other hand the follow through hand is for guiding the ball when you shoot. The most important part to me in elbows in and bend your knees and follow through for proper footwork.

Younger as long as my elbows was in my shots was good, but you need proper footwork no matter young or old or which ever. Ray Allen taught me how to shoot ever since I saw how he hold the ball in how he shoots. Ever since that day, my jumper has been good. It took awhile to get it properly down quickly, but I stick with it and I can shoot good now. I can play on the perimeter and in the post. I am doing this shooting drill for working out because its fun and am working out. Before you know it, my jumper will be gooder than ever. I know gooder is not a word BUT it sounds good, so why not use it? LOL. Day 7 of the Workout was good. I wanted to go home and eat my rice and corn beef, LOL. Got the workout in and enjoy the night. Good work out though.

Day 8 Workout is cardio doing some cardio while watching some basketball. The TNT Basketball game Celtics Vs. Bulls. Watch some College Basketball too. However, I wanted to get this cardio in.Workout went so so quick. Still getting accustom to working out running. Can wait to I get to where I need to get to though. One day at a time. Progress. Sticking with it. Did that Running workout. Afterwards my legs was feeling it but a workout feeling.

I am all good. Looking good running. Brainy Versatility.