March Madness Preparation

Wednesday Night game was an ACC Match Up between UVA University of Virginia vs. Duke. It was a preparation for the ACC Tournament and March Madness. In a pack stadium, John Paul Jones Stadium in Virginia, the game was going down. Virginia led in the 1st half with 25-21. Duke polished up and came back in the 2nd half, ready to play and took the lead. Close game through out. Duke fighting hard. Jayson Tatum straight balling this game. 20 points so far this freshman is doing it. Watch out for this dude. Dude, he is balling. This is an ACC battle game. Middle of the week battle.


Jayson Tatum had his career high in points, dropping 28 points. He had 21 points in the second half alone. He lead the Duke team to start their offense in the second half to get them scoring them buckets. This was a low scoring game, but someone had to score to win. 1st team to 70 points wins this game, as you will see. Duke is on a row wining consecutive games. They are getting ready for the tournament. They had to fight for this game away. They fought and they won.


Duke won this game by 10 points. They scored 65 points and UVA scored 55 points. Tatum being clutch and making 3 after 3, did it on Wednesday night game. Freshman got game. Ooooo! Sauce for them young fella. Playing like he got heart. He got range. He got what he takes. Lets go! Game time. March Madness preparation. Both teams getting ready. Duke looks ready. Freshman stepping up on the road.

College Basketball. Lets get it. Brainy Versatility.

Rivalry Game

Duke vs. Tar Heels! Man, this rivalry go back to the man of time. One is like an Ivy League school and the other a public school. Both team has a prestige basketball program. Both in the same state. The competitiveness run deep, I can see. This game on Thursday was another one of that competitive game. Duke might not be that good this year, but when it comes to Duke vs. North Carolina? It is going to be the GAME.


The game was close through out. Duke lead by 1 at half time. The game was close at the end through out the second half. North Carolina away having problems with Duke. Grayson Allen Duke star led the team to the W. This was a good game. Looked at North Carolina was going to run away with the game in the second half despite their struggle. Duke was going to protect their home court. They pump up the crowd this game.

Duke won this game 86-78. Tar Heels couldn’t stop Grayson Allen. He is a good player when he is not tripping players, LOL. Luke Kennard did his thing too; dropping 20 points and he can shoot. Watch out for him. He can shoot. Deadly shooter right there. Watch out for Jayson Tatum did his thing too the freshman from St. Louis put 19 points on Tar Heels for head. Good rivalry game.

All about being competitive and having a good game. Be Adaptive. Be Brainy Versatility.

Duke and Louisville

I know Louisville won. However, the game was not much about the basketball game, much about Grayson Allen, the start guard for the Duke Basketball team. What’s up with that? Kicking players? I mean, he has been doing this since last year. That is NOT cool at all. Like I mean, basketball is a competitive game, too much dribble and passing and dunking going on to be doing extra activities like that. I am shock the refs are not doing much with the way he has been doing this. Coach K been sitting down as if he does not want to do anything about all his incidents. The league has to step in because this one game suspension is not getting it through.

In life, lesson needs to be taught when something so unnecessary keeps happening repeatedly. He is becoming to bold with it then act as if it is a natural reaction. Tripping someone is not a natural reaction in basketball. A player can be injured by simply falling the wrong way by his trip. I mean that is disrespectful and it is a fight. Other team coaches even Louisville coach was talking about it. Enough is enough. Someone needs to put an end to it.

I would think giving him a 10 game suspension should be enough…enough to get the message through. He keeps doing it over and over again. Someone has to teach him the game of basketball. Respect the opposition. Guys are sweating out the working hard for the team getting rebounds, blocks, steals and buckets trying to get a chance to get an education and career out of it while having fun doing it. No way should a player tripping another player be allowed like this. This needs to stop before some gets seriously get injured getting a rebound or a steal or scoring and a player like Allen trips him because of reasons unknown. Whatever the reasons is well it is not allowed on the basketball court.

Play fair out there. Play with your mind and skills. Don’t play cheap and reckless. Be adaptive. Be Brainy Versatility.