Brawl Night in Chi Town

The game started off with a performance from Travis Scott, the rapper, on TNT. I was running while watching the beginning of this game. Boston Celtics took an early lead. Chicago Bulls fought back though. Dwayne Wade not playing tonight because of wrist injury. Wade and Chicago got that beef. Home Town City, man, needs Home Town Love. Chicago Bulls playing alright but the Celtics team got some good young players. They are suppose to be rebuilding. Good team building strategy from the team management.


The team leader, Isaiah Thomas, (who by the way stands 5’7) got heart. He knows how to use his body. He is good. Jae Crowder, a good young big body, as a forward. Tyler Zeller, a good skilled big man. He can play. Terry Rozier, a young good guard; he is better than I thought. Kelly Olynyk, the Canadian, who can dribble and shoot and a good big man is his own right. Celtics got a good young team and they have more draft picks to come. They are second in the east. They are playing and winning in the game right now, the Boston Celtics that is.

Celtics leading at the end of the 1st half by 58-52. Isaiah Thomas has 15 points at half in Chicago United Center. Jimmy Butler with an injured heel still balling with 15 points. In third quarter, Bulls took the lead. Celtics didn’t come out well in the 3rd quarter as you see as the 3rd quarter ended. Chicago Bulls wining in the end of the 3rd quarter  by 81-78. The fourth quarter, the quarter of who got the push heart. The game was close at the end. You already know Isaiah Thomas was making free throws and hard lay ups to keep his team in it.


Under a minute left, Celtics wining by a point. Bulls playing good defense. Last game before the All Star Break, lets see who wants it more. Bulls has possession with 50.3 seconds left. 103-102 Boston Celtics. Celtics playing good defense and got the ball back. Marcus Smart playing good defense with the block on Jimmy Butler. The game came down to the wire as the refs called a non-foul on Marcus Smart and Jimmy Butler went to the free throw line to win the game. Boston really won this game, that wasn’t a foul. Bulls won this 104-103.

All Star Break is here. Lets have some fun. Brainy Versatility.

Love in the Air — Huh? LOL!

What it all this am hearing about Lebron pouting about Kyrie Irving and the team and going at the owner to spend more money? The owner spent more money on his team than any team in the league for like 3 years now. Lebron wants Carmelo Anthony and Wade along with Chris Paul on his team. Like really? Come on dude! Stop beeeping and chill. Kevin Love for Carmelo, ummm… yeah but I don’t think that would work. Look at it like this Melo wants the ball and Lebron wants to be the point forward so I think there is going to be beef due to who has the most ball possession. I kind of found it like disrespectful, Lebron pushing for the Love trade. I don’t like Lebron personally from a far distant, because you don’t treat people much less your teammates like that. Melo is good but really that’s a fight. Love a better man for playing through it. No man going to disrespect me like that. He going to put some respect on my name, psshhhh. He better be straightforward and tell me the problem in my face and solve it like a man.

Anyways, Chris Paul for Kyrie Irving that makes sense since Lebron wants play makers and CP3 can be the playmaker; but Lebron needs to chill with all this Super team BS. This is the NBA go compete and be quiet dude. Oh yeah! Wade is not happy in Chicago, I heard, so am guessing he would like to go to the Cavs. Hmmmm….. don’t know that can work. Wade, Lebron and CP3… Ok. The 3 oldies, LOL, but can play? Sort of like the Celtics 3 with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. I can see that working.

The reality is its not going to happen, so Lebron can dream but its not happening this season. So he can pout to the media all he wants but nothing happening. Lebron needs help but that’s what the off season is for. I haven’t seen a star player like this like, Come on! Whats with this millennium attitude Lebron been having his ole career? He couldn’t play in the Old NBA because all that beeping he is doing, he will just be called soft and people be like shut it and go somewhere. No one got time for that. Lebron cut it out, man, like fa real.

NBA NO BEEEPING ALLOWED LOL! SO COMPETE AND PLAY BALL. Be adaptive to your environment. Brainy Versatility.