Cavaliers’ Day

The Cavs gave New York Knickerbockers the works on Saturday Night game. Knicks try to make a push but the Cavs not having it. The game was okay. It is Lebron vs. Melo. Carmelo Anthony struggled in the 1st half. Scoring like 7 points. Kevin Love was doing Willy Hernangomez up like driving and taking him to the rim and straight banging on him. Straight Dunk on. Lebron scored 11 straight points for the Cavs in the second quarter. Having 19 points for the half The 1st half ended with 64-45 Cavs winning.

Thompson was a beast again inside. Dunking and Rebounding. The second half Knicks won the 3rd quarter and try to make a comeback in the 4th but Cavs again not having it. Lebron talking trash off the court but producing on it with dropping 30 points and scoring another 10 with assists. Melo didnt really have an effective night. Cavs handle their business.

Cavs won the game 111-104. Melo vs. Lebron in NY. Not much of a game to see. Lebron came to play. Knicks didnt really make a difference. On to the next one. The game wasn’t big enough for Kyrie Irving since he didn’t play, LOL. No saucing on anyone tonight. The game was aight. Cavs won like expected.

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Barkley said Lebron is whiny about wanting more help and does not want to compete. I must agree but this is Lebron, so I just ignore it. Barkley said the truth and Lebron said he is not worry about it but I think different. You don’t say someone sit on a panel for living if he didn’t get to you. I mean THAT comment doesn’t even make sense to me, like, he sit on a panel and you sweat and dribble a basketball for living, LOL. Like, come on! Please Lebron, just stop that nonsense…..please. Nothing wrong with basketball and commentating for living by the way. Just doesn’t make sense what Lebron said.

Barkley still saying he is always whining which is true. No one got time for that. Champion does not act like this. In my previous post, I said NBA is about competing, so compete same thing Barkley said. Barkley just honest and people can’t take it, that’s all. JUST COMPETE. SIMPLY COMPETE. No need for wanting all the good players in the league to win more rings. It worth more if you just compete. Barkley said exactly the same thing I said. Stop whining and play!

Barkley said one honest thing and Lebron cannot take it. Lebron want to make it extra personal, LOL. Anyways, Lebron loves drama is what I am seeing now. He having drama with his own teammates; now everyone that says his name he going for them, major LOL. Lebron be starting that drama. Lebron, chill man. Just accept the criticism people tell you especially if it true. If you tell me something true about me. I won’t even be mad because it is true. Lebron needs to chill and not let what Barkley says get to him then say it didn’t (like C’mon man!). Its like saying, “man, I don’t like her but you acting like you like her.” Lesson of the example is — don’t play yourself and just admit the truth. It will save your less stress and problem.

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Sunday Afternoon Breakdown

The game between the Cavs vs Thunder. The came end in the 1st quarter with the Thunders wining by 3 in the first quarter 24-21. The Cavs took over the second quarter dropping 37 points in the quarter to be up 58-45  Cavs by half time. The thunders made it close quiet a bit by the end of the 3rd quarter. Irving was shake and baking in this game. Crossing a guy and off to the easy lay up. The game was close sometimes during the game but the Cavs keeps pulling away.

It is simple thunders cant stop Kyrie Irving to be honest. Kyrie been balling like 6 games. 29 in this game with 10 assists. He keeps on getting mismatch and dominating those mismatches. Looking at defenders in the eyes as he crosses him or shoots a three right in their grill. Westbrook was the best defender on him but he cant play the whole game on him with all the picks and roll. Lebron was is normal self he just Lebron, LOL. To me Lebron is known for his passing in which I saw two nice ball movement passes one for a dunk and the other for a 3. Lebron had 25 points, 8 assists and 14 rebounds.

You know Russell Westbrook was going to do his thing getting a triple double. Mess around and got a triple double. 20 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists for the stank face killer. He had no help though. Thunders wasn’t not making no 3’s this game. Well nothing valuable to help this game out. Westbrook was by himself. You know the game over when Thompson making a jump shot, LOL. 19 points, 12 rebounds and 4 steals for Thompson. That is good for a big man especially 4 steals for a big man. Yikeees! Shut out to Canada and Canadian :D. This game was a blow out really most of the game. Thunders keeps coming back but they couldn’t find that last push to get over the top. The back up came in the game but I like that back up point guard for the Cavs Felder. Watch him in college and he was something to mess with it. Tough small player. He got heart. Cavs won the game 107-91. Fun game to watch.

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Saturday Night Show Down

Cavs vs. Spurs. The 2nd and 3rd best team in the league. Spurrrs. Put some respeck on their name. Spurs got the system. No matter whom they put in there they ready to step up. They teach and mature their players young or old. They don’t need star players. Does not help to have stars players though. You win rings with them you feel me.  Look at the rookie Dejounte Murray balling in the first half. Close game though they going back and forth. I like this Saturday night game but they need to bring basketball back on Sunday afternoon on NBC (oooooo). I hated basketball when I first watched it and the most funniest thing was Michael Jordan was playing in that game. I thought it was boring, but, anywho, they need to bring it back. Exciting now. ABC is good but that NBC on Sunday afternoon was fire boy. Get with it.

So yeah back to the game it is a close game not boring. Cavs down by three LeBron made a three to tie it. Rookie Murray giving Kyrie the works with extra sauce on it. Spurs coach got the spurs running like a fine tune machine. Look out for them. However, to be honest with all that being said Cavs not playing that with crossing over and J the fade away 3 by Shumpert on Simmons to get the 3rd quarter. 90-84 Spurs going into the fourth. Oh, oh this is when it gets real the fourth. I did not know David Lee plays for the Spurs oh ok good pick up. Cavs cut the lead to three. Leonard with the step back 3 sweet shot put the lead to six. 96-90. Kawhi Leonard looking gangster with it, LOL.

LeBron with the baseline dunk in the 4th just move out the way unless you want to be on Sports Center. Cavs making it a close game. Spurs controlling the game. Leonard show up doing Jefferson up. Leonard cannot be stopped same can be said for LeBron. Kawhi Leonard be balling over the last six games with 30+ game. Nothing different tonight. Cavs playing at home still getting the business. Is the Spurs its okay, LOL. 143mins left Cavs down by five. James on the line with 58.1 remaining.  SPURS Lead cut to three. It gets good here James clutching it up with the deep game tying three. James think he clutches now huh hmm will see. Spurs cannot close it. James cannot finish the game winning shot so not looking that clutch. James with 29points end of fourth. 5quarter aka overtime who wants it more? Irving getting buckets to give Cavs the lead. Spurs not being themselves setting a moving screen for violation. Spurs find a way to get the ball back to tie the game up. Irving a beast in picking apart pick and roll. Irving scoring all 6 of Cavs points in overtime. Irving with the shot to give Cavs the lead but Patty Mills with 3 to give spurs the lead. Shot being fired in this game.pow pow mostly 3 shots getting fired though. Spurs with the lead late Aldridge missing 2 free throws to close the game out.  Cavs got a life with 0.6 seconds left Kevin Love with the game tying shot but he missed. Spurs win. 118-115. Leonard with 41 points balling  Kawhi balling. Ooooooooooo boy!

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Rematch of Cavs vs. Warriors. Cavaliers won the first match up on Christmas day. This game on a holiday like MLK look like a show down but it was more like a beat down from the Warriors. Cavs got the beat down put on them. Warriors’ defense was on point. You already know Draymond Green. Was going to bring his defensive game. Irvin was played tough by Draymond Green. You know already, he brings it on offense and defense. Golden State blowing Cavs out first 2 quarters. Green and Durant getting blocks.

LeBron playing the point position being too passive.  The game was pretty much a blow out the whole game.  Warriors slashing to the rim for easy buckets. They playing team basketball. Livingston straight balling making mid range shots. Durant getting block on LeBron dunk. Draymond getting a triple doubles. Irvin lays getting ballooned. Ballooned means Block. I mean as if the whole team blocked his layup. Warriors sent a message this game. Pay back from Christmas loss. However, they put that grandma ma beat down on Popeye spinach beatdown.  No easy buckets.

MLK massacre for real. Warriors playing their backups. Durant, Curry and Thompson on the bench chilling in the 4th quarter watching the beat down. 35 points lead with 36.4 seconds in the game. 126-91. Curry had 26 points. Durant had. 17the career triple double and 5 blocks for Draymond Green. Third triple-double of the season. Warriors are 35-6 now and Cavs are 29-11. Warriors better play like this in the playoffs. This game was suppose to be a good game not a blown out. Every day you learn something new.

Today, I learn Cavs gets blown out, LOL. Expand your mind and have fun doing it. Brainy Versatility.