Day 25 and 26: Doing my thing!

Wednesday workout was about heart. The diet getting the best of me, so this is about discipline. I am here now, so you know I made it through. This challenge is about mental discipline. If you would of saw how I push through that workout, you would know I don’t play with my workouts. I didn’t know how big I was, but am tall and can move well. But lets just say I feel good. I need carbs though, which I am getting just not over doing it. You guys already know my workout routine I have been doing awhile now. If you haven’t, every workout is well-organized, so you can go several workouts back and read some of it. You can do it. This workout is working. Can’t wait to finish this broccoli and fish diet, though. Expect a blog on that when am done.

Tabata workout was a breeze. I finished it quick and off to relaxation I go, but Thursday was a quick day. I finished that workout and I was sweating. I tell you try some Tabata workout and see the results yourself. They have different variations, so get which one is best for you. Which one you are looking for to try. They all works though, I tell you. The new grilled fish giving me energy to workout good. Grilled Tuna with cayenne pepper for dinner…hmmm. You know, I did my thing in the workout and cooking well grilling it 😀

In all, both days were good. It is progress toward getting in shape. You all on this journey with me. I like that. Feeling and doing it right. Getting that body right. It was a busy week. I find ways to get my workout in. I over did the holiday eating, LOL (I guess). Now, I have to work to be in shape; and stay in shape. I got this though. This is about discipline in which I got. Lets do this you all. Get your workout on. I do this you all. Can’t wait to get this broccoli and fish diet done. So I can eat good again :D. Discipline, Challenge, and getting it done. Brainy Versatility way.

Be Adaptive. Brainy Versatility.

Day 23 and 24: New Diet + My Routine


Monday was the beginning of a new beginning. New Diet with fish and broccoli and I was getting adjusted to it. I was hungry (though broccoli and fish was enough), but apple cider vinegar (ACV) fixed that. ACV gave me energy and you guys will see a blog about that soon. I mean, I was tired and I drank 2 bottles of water mixed with a little apple cider vinegar and it worked. It made me power through my workout. I did my basketball drill and lay up drills with maximizing my jumping ability. You can’t forget the jump leap and up, which was the part I needed that ACV energy the MOST. I am getting adjusted to this new Broccoli and Fish Diet but can’t let it affect my training.

The Tabata Workout, I didn’t want to do but again I push through it. I was peeing a lot but peeing is weight loss…leaving the body, LOL. A gallon a day was doing it. The effect of not being used to this diet getting to me, but just got to get use to it and all will be good. I had 4 exercises to do within 20 secs, 4 times and it was long…but you already know I push through it. I cooked my fish well done, which was hmm..hmmm…Good! Well-done fishes last longer and taste better. So that was my reward from my workout — SOME WELL-GRILLED FISH. This diet is very challenging with working out, especially doing the Tabata workout. THE DIET IS CHALLENGING PERIOD BUT EVEN MORE CHALLENGING WITH OTHER ACTIVITIES. So I am getting to it. I am trying to get some more sleep as well. My body feels good. Apple Cider Vinegar is saving the day. Smiles. Smiles. Smiles. 😀

Overall, my workout is going good. Just needed to get adjusted to the food and workout. I try to do few different things each workout to change things up. For days in which I lack energy, I listen to that music as most of you all know and now am on that Apple Cider Vinegar. Also, do you know how much benefits it have for your body? Lots of benefits that are great for the body. Good for making your teeth whiter. I am sipping on it right now with some water. It makes it easier drinking a gallon of water a day. I thought it would be hard, but it’s not that bad. Getting things done and pushing through it. Getting these routines in and seeing results. You feel me? I said DO YOU FEEL ME?! 😀

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Day 21 and 22: Bounce in My Step and Bouncing Back Strong


I was feeling good and my stop and go move was getting better. I have to be able to sell my hesitation move, so I can shoot or go by my defender. Jumping as high as I can when I touch the rim got creative, because now I am practicing my dribble as I jump as high as I can going for a lay-up. Put some fun to it, you know. The Leap Jump Forward was the one I was doing last workout that was burning my legs. GOOD BURNS. LET IT BURN. That is good :D. Pain is weakest leaving the body. It was leaving alright, LOL. Today, I changed it up, put it last so I can give the other workouts the proper attention they deserved. I was jumping all nice and smooth. Feels like I was gliding in the air the way I was jumping forward. It felt good.

Finished with 10 free throws that I have to make; and before I leave, I have to make sure my last shot is nothing but net. Good habit to follow as a shooter. Now to that Tabata workout, I mean, it was quick as always and making me sweat nothing more to it, however, I am starting before the 10-second rest and going past the 20-second workout time. What can I say, I tend to “over-achieve” in my routines. I over do it, which can be good in a way, but doing the proper amount of workout is good for recovery and the body. Getting them gains in. Refreshing the body. Get your gains in.

Both workout days were good even though I didn’t want to workout that Tabata day. I did it though. Pulling it through. The basketball game on TV, Clippers vs. Bulls, did help me though. On days working out is not in your system, put some fun in it. Working out with some basketball on my mind was doing it. I am adding on to these workout days…Woooo wooooooo! I am feeling better and the next 2 weeks my body is about to change. Then, I will build on that throughout the year. Come on you all! Come work out with me and let’s get in shape.

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Day 19 and 20: Pushing through the Sick Days


On Wednesday Workout, I was sick BUT I still power through the workout. I mixed out the workout. I did the stop and go dribble workout first, to work on my explosiveness moving forward. It is a work in progress. My dribble getting better, though.With me not being that good feeling mode, I was still pulling through. I was saving my energy for the jump forward and jump up exerciser. The last exercise of the workout. This one makes your leg burn. I finished it and of course, I was tired. I was going to finish the workout sick or not. I start it, I’ma finish it. You get what I am saying. This is no joke. You all get your workout right.

Tabata Workout, the second day, well, I thought I was doing the workout wrong when I began with the squat jump (LOL), but I was getting it as it was meant to be. I was tired with it, but I finished it. I mean, it is only 4-minute workout, but you are going to be tired when you are done. I am trying to get my endurance back, so this is a good way for that. I finished early with the workout and rest for the night. I need to start resting my body more. This Tabata Workout getting my body right. Getting my leg right too.

Both workout days were good. I had to push through it…you feel me? Getting that body right. Before you know it, I will be all tall and big running a 4.4 flat, LOL. In life, you have to workout, so your body can be right. Your body being right means, you will be able to enjoy life. Enjoying life with a free range of motion with no pain and all joy. Therefore, please take your workout serious and be discipline. You can workout with doing the things you like doing the most, like dancing, soccer, basketball, skating, ice skating, walking; BUT whatever it is, go out and do it. Have fun. Get that body and let people know you’re healthy and you know it. When you feel tired or sick, remember just fight through it, however be cautious. There is a difference between being brave and being dangerous. Safety first and your life first (always). So, if you know you can’t go anymore, don’t do damage to yourself. I knew I can finish, so I kept going. Be Knowledgeable. Be sure to spread the Word about Brainy Versatility.

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Day 17 and 18: Trying Out a New Routine

17dayI am trying out this new workout. I am changing everything up. Monday workout is Squat Horizontal Jump, which is jumping as far as possible in a squat position, then after that you jump straight up. I did that for half of the basketball court (5 times), which was more than enough. I was hungry and my legs were burning after those 5 times. I am, that doing squat horizontal jump last next workout. So after that,  I did some stop and go drill for basketball, which is basically pausing while dribbling and go forward as fast as possible, then shooting or laying the ball up. Last thing I did was practice jumping and touching the rim, so I am using my jumping muscles on both legs. Working them legs out. It was pretty good; then I finished it with making 10 free throws.

On Tuesday, I start doing the Tabata workout again, since when I did them on my quick weight loss plan. The blog for that is coming soon. I am doing 4 rounds, 20 seconds going hard and 10 seconds rest. The 4 exercises I am doing are: Squat Jumps, Side to Side (using one leg to jump), Hop Twist and Pogo Jumps. All of the exercises are self-explanatory, however, let me explain what a Pogo Jump and Hop Twist are. A Pogo Jump is simply  jumping up and down on your toes or calves. While a Hop Twist is hopping then twisting. It was fast and effective, so this should be an interesting journey. It does get you tired, which is the goal. The changes are fun and exciting. Getting my body right and doing it and doing it 😀

The changes to my workout was a good move for me. I am liking it so far. Lets do this. I am sweating and gaining some muscles in. You all get your workout on and get some results. Good 2 days working out for me. Day 3 tomorrow, so I know what I have to do to get the best out of the workout. Lets get this muscle gains and get in shape. Let me know how your workout journey is going as well if you are doing one and share some knowledge.

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