Three Dynamite Methods to Lose Weight (10-20 lbs) Fast!


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If you want Quick Weight Loss then follow the 3 steps I mentioned here

If you want full detail from a personal perspective read below.

Quick Weight loss. Healthy Lifestyle. Feel young and energized again.

In just three steps, you can lose weight quick.

  1. Drink lots of water. A gallon but if you cannot do a gallon, start slow with 1/2 gallon then slowly move up. It is like eight glasses of water or more (Use a 16-ounce bottle).
  2. Walk on an empty stomach in the morning. An hour walk and weight lift for 15-20mins (NOTE: This is a High Intense Routine) But always remember to STRETCH! TRUST ME; YOU DO NOT WANT TO FEEL THE PAIN OF A CRAMP…UGH!
  3. Eat green leafy vegetables (NOTE: Cruciferous Vegetables) and proteins MOSTLY. You need CARBS, so eat 25-50 a day especially after weight training.

Note: Always eat carbs with protein, because it makes you feel fuller and it slows down digestion for maintaining your blood sugar level and controlling your weight, cravings and help with other benefits throughout the day.

Tip: You can also walk for an hour and eat the green leafy vegetables and proteins with drinking sufficient amount of water, you should lose weight too (a good amount), and this is without Weight Training. However, for MAXIMUM results, do weight training!

These are the three steps I took to lose weight fast. The quick easy steps worked for me when I used it. You have to be discipline though. If you want something, you have to work for it. This is not going to be given to you. Do you want to change? Well, come get it. If you want more detail about what I did, just look below and you see why I did what I did. You will have people seeing the difference and complimenting you in a short time (2-3 weeks). You will get tremendous results. I drop a lot of weight (30+ pounds) after I did this. Try this out.

Step one: Drinking a lot of water. Why? It aids your fat loss.

  • Drinking lots of water are not only is good for you and you are constantly being hydrated. Water is actually good for losing weight and it helps maximize physical performance throughout the day and helps your brain functions well.
  • You go to the restroom a lot whether to pee or constipate. Either way that means you are losing weight.
    • Drinking water, a glass or two, before a meal can make you feel fuller and eat less (losing weight, eating less).
    • Drinking water flushes out your system from toxins.
  • Aid the process of fat loss and increase breakdown and destroy fat cells to burn fat (what you do want to LOSE WEIGHT, so drink that gallon or more of water).

Step two: Workout early in the morning on empty stomach.

This right here will get you losing weight quick. I mean quick. The extra tip is drinking a cold glass of water (16 ounces) in the morning. It helps you lose weight, you burn more calories, and your metabolism will be increased. It also increases your daily production of new blood and muscle cells. Lastly, it purifies your colon so you can absorb nutrients in those carbs and vegetables to lose that weight off. SO DRINK COLD WATER IN THE MORNING, 16 OUNCES TO BE EXACT! The workout you are doing to lose weight quick is WALKING.

Try walking on hills, treadmill, streets, and different places so you do not get bored. I would recommend the HILLS to burn more calories and lose weight fast. You lose quickly by walking. Walking is good for the heart and aid weight loss too. Walking is one of the best exercises you can actually do. Interesting huh? Also, You can lift weights too which aid the fast lost even faster. You still going to lose that weight off quick if you do not lift weights but I suggest you do. I walked with a 20lbs hip weight or a weight vest for an hour-long walk.

At first, I did not do weight lifting and lost weight off. I am saying lift weights because I am telling you from my own mistakes and experience. I want you to get the maximum results so LIFT WEIGHT! Weight lifting is very beneficial because of eliminating body fat and burning calories= more fat loss. Therefore, if you want more fat loss you will lift them weights. Muscle combat fat so the more muscle you have the less body fat. Along the way of weight lifting, you get mentally stronger as well.

Note: For Females, lifting weight will not get you too big. Just make sure to lift light in high repetition and you get the tone.

Some of the workouts I did was Tabata Workout and Full Body Training. Tabata Workout was created in Tokyo, Japan by a Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata and some individuals from the National Institute of Fitness and Sport. Tabata is a high-intensity interval that you workout hard for 20 seconds and rests 10 seconds for several of exercises for numbers of rounds.

I did like four exercises for my Tabata Workout. Twenty- second hard to the metal and rest for 10 seconds for eight rounds. You will feel it. YOU WILL SWEAT! YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT! You can go on for some Tabata Workout: or Pop Sugar: or you can Google which style fits you. You are going to be huffing and puffing and sweating. Tabata Workout works. If you do not believe, try it and see. Your endurance will improve too.

I also change it up to Full Body Workout to get variety and not to plateau. Here is a link from that can help you find the full body workout that suits you:   With this page, you have various options to choose from and to change up after 3-4 weeks, in case you get bored with your current workout. Note: Try picking and doing compound exercises for your workout because you are working more than one muscle group, meaning you are burning more calories and this equals to losing weight.

Compound exercises are (but not limited to) Squat, Shoulder Press, Bench. Well, here is a link to see what compound exercise is It gives you an Idea what kind of exercises routine you want to pick when choosing your workout from the links I gave you since you know what compound exercises are for those who did not know before. Compound exercises are good for movement skills and dynamic balance, so your quality of life is about to be fantastic. I did barbell compound exercises with squats and lunges (not fun but it works).

Weight lifting and walking will get your body looking good and tone right and you be stronger. YOU WILL LOSE WAAAY MORE WEIGHT! The workout should not be long, so pick 4-5 exercises to finish quickly. This is why you should do compound exercises to work out more than one muscle group and get an excellent result than isolation exercises. You get the maximum result with lifting weights and walking. I gave you various links to pick the best workout that suits you the best. Try it out and comment how it went for you. Come with me on this journey of expanding the mind in all types of level.

Step three and the Vital Step: Eating Leafy Green and Proteins.

Leafy Greens (Cruciferous Vegetables) are the best vegetables you need to lose weight. Good carbs and low in fat. Leafy Greens are packed with nutrients that your body needs. Vitamins, high in fibers, active compounds that aid weight loss and much more like anti-aging. More on the active compounds, the leafy green has nitrites in it, which is related to browning fat cells. What DOES this mean? It means that it translate the fat storing white cell into fat-burning brown cells. In other words, it is making extra fat burning which results in weight loss. So get a lot of leafy green in your body to accelerate the weight loss process.

Leafy vegetables like Broccoli, Spinach, Kale and Collard Green. The link I am about to display shows you most of the leafy greens (CRUCIFEROUS VEGETABLES) to pick from to lose that weight quick: Proteins are important as well in your weight loss process. The proteins help preserve the muscle mass and protecting that muscles mass means you are burning calories because that what muscle mass do. Protein makes you lose weight by reducing your appetite. Protein aids fat loss as mentioned previously, and when I did this I ate sufficient amount of protein. Please do not over do the protein because whatever protein is not used turns to fat. So make sure you eat sufficient amount of protein.

Example: Spinach with two Eggs or Collard greens with a Chicken leg or breast as examples, but everyone is different (depending on how tall or big you are). I had more proteins because I am a tall person. I do not really like following that 1.5 protein for each pound. Something does not seem right with that. Eat sufficient amount like the one I describe. After the workout, you can have high protein and carbs meal you need.

Twenty grams (or more) protein after workout and sufficient carbs (do not go over 50 grams). Remember! A maximum number of carbs for a day is 50 carbs and minimum being 25 grams of carbs for the day. Protect your gains or muscle mass. Muscle mass equals calories burn, which means weight loss. Proteins such as fish, chicken, tuna, eggs and seafood are the kind of protein I ate. You can get various types of fish, meat, and seafood you like, just make sure it is a good base of protein.

Note: Get some seasoning with the vegetable and protein meal. It will taste better and watch out for the sodium. Sodium retains water and you do not want water weight, you want to lose it. Spices make it all taste better and make this diet way easier!

My personal experience:

In the morning, I drank a 16-ounce cold water then started walking for an hour. I did this every day on an empty stomach – no food, just plain cold water. I ate my leafy greens and protein like chicken, eggs, tuna, fish, seafood and much more; that alone will make you lose that weight off quick. Drinking that gallon water a day sure did help. Yeah, you going to be peeing a lot just do not drink it at night. Drink your water throughout the day and you will be fine. No, you would not be waking up to pee at night if you drink it throughout the day. I drank my water most at night, which was why I peed at night. Get some SLEEP; you will even get way better results than me.

I did not sleep much yet I lost the weight quick. So, do not make the same mistake I did and you will get way better results. One more thing, cruciferous veggies is your best friend and they are a good fat blocker. If you do not know what fat blocker does, well, it blocks fat and extra calories while it fills you up. THEREFORE, cruciferous vegetables are the food to go to for fat loss. Some fruits are fat blockers too like strawberries, raspberries, apples and pears. I only filled up with vegetables though, and stay away from TOO many carbs.

A right amount of carbs is enough, which I should have done. I did not have fruits carbs at all for months. You need carbs in your diet though. So please get some carbs in at least 50 grams. Do not exceed it. Do you want to lose weight? You cut the carbs out. It is that simple. Lower your carbs and you see your weight drop. Trust me and watch. Do it for a week and see what happens. I am repeating some stuff so it can stick in your head so you will remember all of these important notes!

I did this and weight was dropping for real. I am on that Broccoli because it blocks estrogen from building up, so that is what I did to lose weight quick…so you can try it out and see what happens. Blocking estrogen in the body meaning fat is being lost. Having a lot of estrogen in the body brings fat gain and we want to limit that so eating cruciferous vegetables can help with that. So eating Broccoli, Kale, Cauliflower, Bok Choy, Collard Greens, Cabbage, Arugula, and Brussels is necessary. I tried all those cruciferous vegetables except for Collard Greens and Arugula. I did this vegetables and protein diet for months, like 5-6 months.

You can do this diet as long as you like just make sure you are healthy doing this. Okay? You will lose that weight off though. You will. Just stick to eating mainly those veggies. I would recommend eating many cruciferous vegetables though. WHY? Because Cruciferous has a substance called Di-Indolin in them. Di-Indolin helps keeps those estrogen level low so you would not be gaining weight and you WILL BE LOSING WEIGHT! For the protein, I would say eat much fish like Mackerel, Salmon, and Sardines because of them being high in L-Dopa, which helps release dopamine and improves that testosterone level. Testosterone level means muscle being built and calories will be burned.

Male and females have estrogen and testosterone by the way. Just those, males have majority testosterone and estrogen for females. Move along, fish also has Omega 3-6-9 for your brain function and protect you against cardiovascular disease, support your health, strengthen your immune system, and balanced your cholesterol level.  Do not eat too much fish (in a day, as if your whole one-day meal consists of ONLY fish), because it affects your cholesterol and coronary circulations in a not-so-good way. So keep it to a minimum. You all know that. I would KEEP the Carbs to a minimum too. You lose weight crazy fast. Trust me.

When you workout, try doing INCLINE WALKS. Go to a hill and walk up and down the hills. Yes, your Quadriceps and Hamstrings will hurt because you will feel the burns. Yes, this is what I did. The burn is fat leaving the body so do it. This is a challenge so this is not for the weak. Weak does not survive in dieting…okay. So get to it and be discipline. Keep the carbs low (25-50 grams) but when I did it I have like zero carbs not counting the vegetable carbs, which I do not advise. Get some carbs in you for energy. Your body needs carbs. I am telling you this from MY OWN Personal Experience. You can do this by just eating lots of cruciferous vegetables and eating protein, which maybe eggs, chicken, fish. I even had ribs and steak when I was doing mine.

MAKE SURE YOU USE THE SEASONING AND SPICES. WATCH THE SODIUM THOUGH! You can have fun with the protein to make this exciting.  The secret is the herbs and spices you will use to make this process SO easy for you. Trust me. Be creative with your cooking style and be DISCIPLINE and you will be FINE. ONE MORE THING: MAKE SURE YOU ARE STRETCHING SO YOU DO NOT GET CRAMPS! AGAIN, YOU DO NOT WANT THAT CRAMP PAIN IS NOT FUN. I TELL YOU THAT I WOULD KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE!

Note: You can also drink Green Tea since it is good for weight loss!

Get your body right. Exercise. Training the body and mind. Weight loss. Fun. Challenge. Cruciferous Vegetables. Walking. Water. Proteins. Omega 3-6-9. Discipline.


Be Adaptive. Brainy Versatility.


3 Instant Exercises to becoming an Overall better Athlete

Want to be MORE Athletic?

Have a more athletic body?

Come learn about the Muscle Leaping Exercises that would take your jumping ability and athleticism to the NEXT level.



These are the exercises that I have used and that is proven that made me jump higher and be more athletic. All you have to do is just do it 2 days a week with only doing 3 exercises.

2 set of 10 for each exercise and for the pistol squat 2 set of 10 for each leg. If you are not sure how to do each of the exercises I have a link demonstrating how to do each exercise below to as well.




Seat on a bench and jump up in a squat-like position. Make sure you jump with explosiveness by using your butt and arms NOT YOUR LEGS when you jump. Then pushing both your legs into your lower abs as you are jumping up.

The seated box jump video is below if you want more demonstration for the exercise.




Get down low just like a catcher in baseball do and Jump side to side.

The KEY here is once you jump side to side you explode up as you going from side to side.

So, you are jumping as high and far as your body can take you to get the max out of the exercise.

The Ski Jump video is below for more demonstration how to perform it.


PISTOL SQUAT: SQUAT ON ONE LEG (The hardest exercise out of the 3)

Single leg squat: You squat on one leg at a time using a bench as a support but while your butt is close to seating on the bench you PAUSE ( for 1 or 2 seconds) then rise up again. This is challenging but as time goes on you will get the hang of it and do it with no help from the bench.

The pistol squat video is below if you want a more visual demonstration.

The KEY to this exercise is to go as low as you can and come back up slow. Feel your muscles contract. You will feel the burn and the burn is good for your vertical leap. Increase Vertical Leap= More Athleticism. PERIOD!!!



Youtube Video Credit to ScottHermanFitness. For more Vlog visit:

The page you really need to visit: Twice The Speed TV

Shout out to Jack Cascio the owner of the page.

Do these exercises TWICE A WEEK AND YOU WILL SEE INSTANT RESULTS. I would know because I experienced the result myself. IT WORKS. And soon you will see your personal own RESULTS.This quick workout is beneficial for all ATHLETES. Get your vertical leaping ability up. BE MORE ATHLETIC. Fitness. Physically being active.

COMMENT, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE ( I WILL SUBSCRIBE BACK), AND SHARE. I am sure you know someone out there that wants to jump higher and be more athletic so SHARE IT TO THEM :D. BE ACTIVE. BE SUPPORTIVE.  THE BRAINY VERSATILITY WAY!



Week Of Workouts(35-41)

Week Work of Workouts: New Workout Week (35-41)

This is my workout week from March 20-26


Monday: New Workout try out 😀
I started a new workout straight off my Broccoli and Fish challenge on March 20th. I will post my journey with Broccoli and Fish Challenge soon. This workout is about the quick explosive workout. I will show you guys a link to the workout video before this post is posted. I like it because it is quick and explosive which is what I want. I wanted something quick so I can finish it and go on by my day. It composes of 3 exercises using a dumbbell and my body weight. It gets the job done.


Tuesday: Techniques and explosive Tuesday


Again, another new set of workout created by myself from my previous workout set I just finished. But, with this workout, I added more workout to it that are quick and explosive. The goals are for me to jump higher and move better. I am doing back lunges and as soon as I get up from the back lunges I explode in a running position and sprint. Second, I try to touch the rim. Third, I am driving my knee as high as I can to try to touch the rim. Fourth, Stop and go for basketball hesitation explosiveness. Fifth, Practicing the techniques of jumping off two feet. Five quick and explosive exercises that should be done in 20mins or less.

Wednesday: Get that body right Wednesday

Similar workout to Monday workout just now I know what I am doing. With that, I knocked it out and moved on with my day. Quick and easy. Workouts are much easier when you are eating well. Oh yeah, I am doing 3 set of 5 repetitions for the explosive workouts for each exercise. Not much to say about Wednesday but I got it done.

Thursday: Feel like dunking Thursday

I am getting the techniques and explosive move down. I am timing myself to make sure I finish around that 20mins mark. The workout might look long but I am doing 5 repetitions of each workout. Sometimes I do 5reps for both legs separately. This means I am working out my left and right leg. I am doing this for some time. I need to book my next workouts because I am going to be busy soon so just in case I don’t slack. I will have workouts booked for the remainder of the year. Probably going to do 8 weeks workout routines later on. Yeah, I know boring but I will find ways to make it fun by doing different variations of the exercises.

Friday: Chilling Friday
Friday was a chill day. Chill and did my workout. Of course, I ate some vegetables and lasagna hmmm lasagna. Friday was alright. Not much I can remember from Friday but I am sure I did my workout. I am pretty much-moving every day of the week. Friday was one of those days that I was everywhere and wanted to chill.

Saturday: Get it done Saturday

Saturday, I just wanted to finish my leg workouts and go watch some basketball. Basketball Saturday. March Madness you know. I know you all feel what I am talking about lol. Nothing wrong with watching basketball especially on the weekends. The games were good. Some teams surprising me like Oregon and Gonzaga. Good games Saturday though.

Sunday: No workout Day

I mean, I don’t workout on Sunday but I workout anyway because I do activities with friends either Monday, Sunday, or pretty much any day of the week. So, technically I am not doing an official or Mandatory workout on Sundays. Sundays are my official chill day so I can Refresh for Monday.


I will be posting Workout Week 42-48 Next. The week of March 27- April 2. After that, It will be the Broccoli and Fish Challenge Post.Hope you all have a good beginning of the WEEK!

Hope you all like my workout week. Like, Comment, Subscribe, SHARE. PLEASE RE-BLOG any post on my page that you think will be beneficial to you,other people or someone in your life 😀


Thanks for reading and See you next time 😀