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Madison Square Garden Presents Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart is too funny. I am watching his Stand-up Let Me Explain. Too funny. I cannot stop laughing. hahaha, you guys and ladies need to watch Kevin Hart. I am laughing so hard I am about to fall down. You think it’s a game. You don’t even know what I am trained to do lol. hahaha, Check it out when you can too funny. You will be laughing so hard. I am coughing and laughing too funny. The stuff he says is too funny no no no no lol. If you my best friend your bs is my bs lol. Too funny. Must Watch!

Okay Okay OKayyyy…Kick it lol.

Funny. Have fun all 😀


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*WARNING! Ready a paper bag when you read this or finish what you eating.* Ten Grossest Things Other People Have Done Out of Laziness

This is an old post from when I started blogging. This is good for interaction so sit down and relax. Take deep breathe. Now time to laugh or make that stank face lol

We have this day that we just don’t want to move at all, like all we want is to sit on the couch and binge watch. BUT how far can you go in dealing with your laziness? Here is a list of the grossest thing people have done; and yes, this is real.

  1. Ate a yogurt with a ruler because I couldn’t be bothered to go and get a spoon. – kumran
    Reaction: You could have just drink it, man.
  2. I peed in my cat’s litter box. – derkkern
    Reaction: Talking about establishing dominance there, pal.
  3. I ordered underwear from Amazon with overnight delivery because I didn’t want to do the laundry. – EriShaw
    Reaction: This is less gross than re-wearing the underwear for a day or two. So. Lazy? Hell yes. Gross? Not really. Resourceful? Absolutely!
  4. Allow the dog to lick BBQ grease off hands. Wipe dog slobber off on the dog. – anumati
    Reaction: This is a living example of how nature works, like the circle of life but with dogs and food.
  5. I picked my nose and didn’t want to get up to wash my hands or dispose of it so I put it back in my nose. – UmbreHonest
    Reaction: Dude, pick it and flick it. Gosh Damn! But one question, you gobbled it right up, didn’t you?
  6. Let my clogged toilet get to the point it had maggots in it. – SilentSpartan
    Reaction: …#dead
  7. The bathroom was occupied, didn’t feel like going from the 2nd floor into the creepy dark basement to poop in the other -so I pooped in some plastic bags on my screened patio and didn’t immediately dispose of them… – Hair_Harlot
    Reaction: Them?! you have done it more than once? What an actual BLEEEP! How BLEEEP scary is your basement?!
  8. I swallowed a loogie because I was too lazy to get up and spit it out. – Dougington
    Reaction: This is just the right amount of disgusting. (pukes a lil in my mouth) Now, I’m disgusting.
  9. Ran out of toilet paper so I’d just use socks, eventually, my foot got a rash from it. – HotCheetoHarambe
    Reaction: So you wiped your ass with a sock, then put that sock back on your foot? What the BLEEEP, man!
  10. I’ve eaten mashed potatoes off the floor because I didn’t want to heat up a second helping. – GirlyVomit
    Reaction: Girl, I mean, compared to the rest? Yours is cute lol

What about you? What did you do out of laziness? Would you like to share it with us? Leave a comment below and let’s share one or few things and laugh it all away, Brainy Versatility style.

Don’t be shy. Have some fun and relax 😀

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I don’t know about you but I am running If I see this is in real life. So UNREAL! Forget that. Like WTF lol. The Steroids are real. The chicken walking like he owns sh** . I am like oh am good. I don’t even  who would want to eat that lol. Like please stop that Chicken on Steroids for real. I am like who  is going to be eating a chicken like that for real.

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40 April Fools’ Day Prank Ideas


Everyone has a kid inside them or let’s go with that ole saying, “Everyone’s a kid at heart.” One perfect example that we never really grew up (admit it) is during April Fools’ Day. Why? Because we never fail not to prank someone, we got to (at least) pull a prank on someone close to our hearts. So to satisfy this urge, I picked out 40 ideas from Reddit:

1. Put notes on people’s cars telling them “sorry about the damage”. They will spend forever looking for it. – that_guy_fry

2. I did this one last year. I work at a restaurant. We have these spray bottles with a light pink solution we use to clean tables and such. I went and grabbed a brand new one and filled it with watered down pink lemonade.I would be cleaning near my co workers , while chatting with them and nonchalantly unscrew the top spray/ trigger piece and just started downing it like I was dying of thirst. The look of horror on some of their faces was priceless. – tharkus_

3. If your parents or a friend have a cat, and you have access to their house, starting about a week prior to April 1st, sneak in daily and clean the litter box. After a few days they’ll start to think their cat must be constipated. Then on the night of the 31st, sneak in and take a shit in the litter box yourself. – TheBigDsOpinion 

4. If they use Google Chrome, install the extension “nCage It”. It changes EVERY image (including google logo, thumbnails, etc.) into randomly generated pics/gifs of Nicholas Cage. The best part? There is an option to hide the extension from the task bar. They would actually have to go into their internet options and find it under the “extensions” tab just to turn it off. It’s great. – Acoustibot 

5. I installed this on my brothers laptop over a year ago, he’s still confused about it to this day. – zeebow77

6. IIRC there is an option that will automatically turn every image to Nicholas Cage only on April 1, then it will revert back to normal for the other 364 days of the year. – ineffablesteak

7. Replace their Purell with Lube. Watch them rub their hands together forever. The lube washes off harmlessly, the shame never will. – Muadibz 

8. Leave a note for a family member, roommate, or coworker to call back a Mr. Lyon with a number for the local zoo. – tapehead4

9. True story: When my aunt got married, she took her husband’s last name (Byrd). A couple of months later, they got a cat and took it to the vet to be spayed. When my aunt later called and said, “Hi, this is Mrs. Byrd, how’s my cat doing?”, the receptionist laughed for a minute and then said, “Doris, I know this is you, you won’t get me with that one again!”(No, my aunt’s name isn’t Doris). – pdxemf

10. This would go great with the one for leaving a note on someone’s car saying “Sorry for the damage.” “Sorry for the damage. Please call me, Mr. Lyon, at #_____.” Calls…gets zoo… what the fuck god! Damnit! What is happening?! – DothrakAndRoll

11. I did this one to a coworker; let’s call him J. We worked at an ad agency and I told the receptionist to give J a message saying that Mr. Lyon wanted to talk about a cross-promotion with one of our clients. I guess, the zoo gets a lot of calls about this, because they hung up on J twice when he asked for Mr. Lyon. J was getting very frustrated not being able to get a hold of Mr. Lyon. Only made worse by the fact that our boss was in on it, and told J that he better find out what Mr. Lyon wanted. Finally, after my boss and I were trying not to cry from laughter as we overheard his conversation, we told J it was a prank. He told us he hated us. – sdvc02l

12. Can confirm, I work directly down the hall from the receptionist at a zoo. You would not believe the number of people who fall for this, and she has to explain to them, all 200+ calls, that someone pranked them. I generally put my headphones in for April fools day… – Begmypard

13. Set-up an automated answering thing: “Hello, you have reached Zoo, if you are calling for Mr. Lyon, Ella Phant or Mr. G. Raff, please press one. Otherwise please hold the line.” Pressing one puts them on hold indefinitely, playing Rick Astley. – pdgeorge

14. I did this a few times at my last job and it was hilarious. If a co-worker walks away from their computer and leaves it unlocked go into the mouse settings and change the primary cursor icon to the loading icon so it always looks like the computer is thinking. I had one co-worker sit for 10 minutes bitching at his computer because it was taking forever, I finally couldn’t stop laughing and told him what was up. Edit: another one I could think of is, changing someone’s computer time settings so instead of saying am/pm it can be whatever you type in, but it has to be short. I did that to my boss so his time would say “10:30 BRETT!!!” (his name was Brett) problem was when he would send an email it time-stamped them with that time. I thought it was hilarious but he wasn’t too happy. -Stratocast7

15. I like this one, but I usually take it a bit further if I have a few minutes before they return. Here’s my method: 1) Invert screen; 2) Take screenshot of inverted desktop; 3) Revert screen orientation back to normal; 4) Set screenshot from step 2 as wallpaper; 5) Hide desktop icons; then 6) Invert screen again. – KaboomBoxer

16. We used to do this at high school until one of the IT teachers got so pissed off at someone doing it and no one owning up. Before we did this, they were super lax on the restrictions we had, so we could set chrome to open certains when opening, and of course when Nyan cat was a thing, we set it to open a website that immediately auto played it full volume. Things like this went on for a few years, then one morning we go to try do something fairly simple and realise none of our shit works anymore. Shit I miss those days. – Tegalus

17. Whenever I want a 20 minute break from work, I put that on my screen and just sit idle, and when my manager walks by, I make a comment saying, “I wish these IT guys would make updates happen off hours.” They always nod and walk away. – zoidy-1

18. Another good office computer prank, take pieces of post-it notes and stick them on the bottom of everyone’s optical mice. The cursor won’t move, and they’ll usually check everything BUT the bottom of their mouse. – zimbabwe7878

19. Put dried macaroni under the toilet seat, so it’ll sound like the toilet breaks when someone sit on it. -tonightelvisisdead

20. Even better, place the snap n pops you get during the Fourth of July on the rim of the toilet and carefully set the seat down on top of it. My dad did this to my mom when she was pregnant and she almost gave birth in the toilet. Edit: No my dad wasn’t trying to make her miscarry, she was 9 months pregnant with my brother. More like inducing labor. -vader_is_my_daddy

21. I got my husband with a really stupid/punny one a few years back. I put a leek (like the vegetable) in the bathroom. He came home, I pretended to be freaking out yelling that there was a leak/leek in the bathroom, and how he needed to get in there and take care of it. He went running through the house panicked just to find the leek. I thought it was moderately amusing, although a really really dumb joke. – cs1098

22. I remember being in a pretty long queue for the toilets at a festival and nobody was using one of the stalls. I asked the guy in front if there’s any reason he’s not using it and he said “Oh, somebody left a huge log in there.” I thought “Come on, it’s only somebody not flushing…ffs” and marched on in only to find a huge section of tree in a toilet. Back of the line I went. – Mycoe

23. Brilliant! I cut some E’s out of brown paper, put them on a plate, and covered them with foil. I told my husband and as expected, he cheerily went to grab one and as he lifted the foil, he let out a loud groan and rolled his eyes. It was totally worth it. We’re divorced now. – oinkpiggyoink

24. Bring a box of creme-filled donuts to work. Regular creme-filled donuts. Put a note on the box that says “Happy April 1!” Watch everyone get paranoid about what you didn’t actually do to the donuts. – KillerEggplant

25. We put googly eyes on everything in the fridge to shock the kids in the morning. We thought it was freakin hilarious and were totally impressed with our cleverness. Our kids were not impressed in the slightest. Not sure they even noticed…. Next year, we made them cereal and milk with a spoon in the bowl and put it in the freezer overnight. When we gave them breakfast, one burst into tears and the other threw it on the floor. Our kids can’t hang 😦  – babeegotback

26. I saw this somewhere else, but: create an audio file that is 8 minutes of silence and then 15 seconds of sex noises from porn; set that as various system sounds on their device. – Qwerty_Resident

27. I once worked with my brother-in-law. He was gone for a few days at a conference, and I had admin rights to his computer (we worked in IT). I created a program that full-screened an image from the Exorcist and played a Wilhelm scream. Whenever you tried closing the window, it would open back up. He used iTunes a lot. I set the iTunes icon on his desktop to launch my program. The best part was that he never got rid of the icon, be just added another iTunes icon next to it. After a few weeks he was listening to voice mails (the phone system emailed us the recording) and had the volume turned all the way up. He went to launch iTunes and, well, clicked the wrong one. Apparently the office manager came running in to see what happened because it was so loud. Our boss (who didn’t talk much or really joke at all) just started laughing from the next room over. – IHappenToBeARobot

28. Here’s what I’ve got planned: Got the IT guy to give me a broken keyboard. I’m going to take a bunch of Chia seeds, plaster them underneath the keys, spend a few days watering it, and then switch it for my coworker’s keyboard that morning. – pukkileroux

29. A coworker did this to the rest of us a few years ago: Removed the cover on a mouse and put in this little PCB thing with a rubber dome actuator that played the Dixie horn when pressed, under the right mouse button. He pranked one of us with the mouse…Then he threw it in the pile of replacement mice to go out to the non-IT users. 3 months later, I got the call, “MY MOUSE IS PLAYING SOME SONG!” – LogicWavelength

30. Last year, I worked in a larger law firm with many attorneys. For April Fool’s, someone took one thing from each office and switched it with something from another. It was primarily their degrees or family pics, but one person’s Reagan pic was swapped with Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The managing attorney’s chair was replaced with a wheelchair. – SortedN2Slytherin

31. Pulled this on my wife two years ago. I logged into her Facebook and changed her birthday to April 1st. Wishes came flooding in. – Psyrkus

32. Depends on how your plumbing is set up, my friends and I went into another friend’s house, unscrewed the head of the shower in the bathroom, and filled it up with a packet of red Kool-Aid, then screwed it back on. To the same house, we turned off the ceiling fan and then we had one of my taller friends line the top of the ceiling fan blades in the living room with rice krispies from their kitchen. – hokieseas

33. So what I did to my brother last year is this: Put a sign that says “gullible” on the ceiling. Take a picture of it. Take the sign down. Our conversation went like this:

Me: “It says gullible on the ceiling.”
Brother: “No it doesn’t, I’m not an idiot.”
Me: “Fine, if you won’t look then ill take a picture of it for you” (pretend to take picture and show them the picture you took earlier).
Brother: “I guess it really does.” (looks up) “Fuck you!”

I love screwing with him. – Sithis1415

34. Step 1: Find a business that replaces car windshields.

Step 2: Ask them if they would be willing to give you a bag of broken auto glass (most people will give you a strange look, but oblige).

Step 3: Scribble an angry note on a piece of paper, tape it to a fist-sized rock.

Step 4: Gain access to your friend/family member’s vehicle, roll the window down, scatter the broken auto glass you acquired, and place the rock with attached note.

Step 5: Make sure the other windows are rolled-up, and the doors are locked when you leave the scene of the “crime.”

Step 6: Enjoy the panic that ensues.

I did this to my step-brother a few years ago. A few days later, he was on his way to his insurance office to see if they’d cover it when it started to rain. He instinctively tried to roll up his window, and to his surprise — the in-tact window rolled up just fine. Edit: When scattering the glass, make sure to leave a few pieces on the door where the window gap is, and some on the adjacent seat. Edit 2: Spelling. – imaginary_kyle

35. This prank only works if you’re a guy, but here we go:

Step 1. Find one of your male friends

Step 2. Jokingly slap them on the ass, it’s okay as long as you say no homo.

Step 3. Invite them to a reclusive spot, make sure it’s beautiful, and remember to say no homo.

Step 4. Once you’re there, slowly peel off their pants and underpants, laughing jokingly and saying no homo.

Step 5. Perform fellatio, but it’s fine because no homo.

Step 6. Mutual hand jobs, but due to the distinct lack of homo it’s fine.

Step 7. After years have passed and your prank has begun to complete, propose to him, and say no homo when he accepts.

Step 8. Adopt a child and purchase a home, while affirming that there is still no homo.

Step 9. Assure a healthy life for your child, loving your child (while affirming that it isn’t homo).

Step 10. You are now on your deathbed with your friend, sitting peacefully, you whisper into his ear…

“It’s just a prank, bro…”

Step 11. Die knowing you sure got him good! What a couple of pals. -PM_ME_UR_DAYJOB

36. Paint all the bars of soap with clear nail polish. – Weezermama

37. Workplace- every year I always put clear tape under the optical mouse- I work in a call center. 🙂 Every year, it works like a charm. Departments have personalities – it shows up on that prank.

Sales – They freak out and tell any one who will listen and whine all day about it. One year, it took them 3 hours to figure it out. Finally one person went and asked IT for help.

IT – They chuckle, then get back to work.

Management – Freak out, grabs IT, resolved. Then they are paranoid the rest of the day while nervously laughing as though they found it funny. – sippistar

38. I’m moving into my new house on April 1st, so I can throw a huge party and invite a ton of people – to the old place. – tryallthescience

39. We had a crazy drunk birthday party where we blew up enough balloons to fill our roommate’s room, and we put a fan in his window on high. When he opened his door the balloons all came bumbling out. He loved it! We got wicked drunk and deep-fried stuff, but at the end of the night we needed to clean up the balloons. So me and the birthday boy put them all in the shower and closed the curtain so our roommates would get surprise balloons! First one awake in the morning was me, possibly still drunk, and I went to take a shower, completely forgetting about the balloons. I opened the curtain and they started tumbling out as I stood there in shock processing it. I let out a “HAH!” and got in, took a shower with the remaining balloons, making sure they were all hidden behind the curtain after I got out. Little while later the birthday boy stumbles out of his room into the bathroom, and I hear a “HAH!” followed by the sound of water on balloons. So now that we’ve both pranked ourselves, we sit and wait for another roommate to need the shower. She went into the bathroom and we started giggling, but she came out crying “WHY ARE THERE BALLOONS IN THE SHOWER I HATE YOU”, which shocked us initially but as soon as she left the room we both started dying laughing. -upsidedownbackwards

40. My favorite I did is to zip tie the cabinets and fridge shut. Then when they go to get the scissors, they find it they are zip tied shut too. Make sure to have an extra pair… I forgot to do that last year and had to buy another one… Edit: Yes, I know there are many ways to cut zip ties. I wasn’t smart at that moment. For the knives, I put them in a drawer and shut it. – Mooseymoose32

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How about you? What are some of the ideas you got for April Fools’? Share your ideas by commenting down below.

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