winging1.pngPittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby scored his 1,000th goals in 757 games and he received a plaque from Mario Lemieux at the beginning of the game. From Canadian to Canadian…1000th goal scorer to another 1000th goal scorer. Kids on the ice before the game playing hockey. Got to love the kids. Then the game begins. Lets just say the Detroit Red Wings came to play today. Defense Man, Nick Jensen, started the day off with a nice fake off. I mean he faked the goalie, Matt Murray, out. I mean, he faked the shot and Matt Murray went for it. He froooze the goalie. Murray gave his guard up and Red Wings and St Cloud State Huskies’ Defense Man, Nick Jensen, just went around the Goal tender Matt Murray and scored the goal. Nick Jensen, 3rd Goal of the year. That was a nice move. Faked the goalie, his head was up and easy goal. He got the assist from Left Wing Detroit Red Wings and Michigan State Spartans own Justin Abdelkader and Center Andreas Athanasiou.

Red Wings lead 1-0 in the 8th minute with the Nick Jensen’s goal. The gamewinging2.png just getting started. Pittsburgh Penguins wasn’t going just fall back. In the 14th minute, Right Wing, Tom Kuhnackl, scored his 3rd Goal of the year with a shorthanded goal from an assist from Defense Man Kris Letang. Defense Man Letang gave a nice pass sort of fast break pass for an open lay up or dunk in basketball. It was nice because he waited for that play to develop and come into life.This game was back and forth till the 16th minute, when  Detroit Red Wings’Center, Steve Ott, scored a goal assisted by Center, Riley Sheahan. Center Steve Ott got the goalie Matt Murray with a back hand to score that goal ;Detroit Red Wings wining 2-1 at intermission.


Anthony Mantha and Sidney Crosby got a little beef going on, LOL. They going at each other. Both of them got a 2-minute penalty for slashing. Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby not playing around. Red Wings’ Goalie, Petr Mrazek, playing good; making good saves left to right, right to left. Red Wings playing good today with scoring two goals in the 3rd period. Left Wing, Tomas Tatar, scored the goal with the assist from the Left Wing,Henrik Zetterberg and Anthony Mantha. Left Wing, Thomas Vanek, scored an unassisted goal to give the Detroit Red Wings a 4-2 lead. Sidney Crosby wasn’t playing that he came back minutes later with scoring a goal with the assist from Center Jake Guentzel. Pittsburgh Penguins’ Sidney Crosby who has his 32nd goals in the NHL Season making him the number one goal scorer in the league so far. Good physical game so far.

winging5.pngPenguins trying to make a push. The Away team playing good in PPG Paint Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this Sunday afternoon. Petr Mrazek, the Detroit Red Wings’ Goal Tender, saving a lot of puck shots. Penguins trying to come back in the game and Detroit Red Wings are not allowing that. Red Wings are Winging it today. Detroit Red Wings’ Center, Luke Glendening,  scoring his 3rd goal of the year with 50 seconds left goal on an empty goal getting an assist from Henrik Zetterberg and Steve Ott. Wings winning 5-2. Red Wings had a good weekend. Beating the Washington Capitals 3-2 on Saturday. Wining today with the Final Score Detroit Red Wings Wins 5-2.

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Brawl Night in Chi Town

The game started off with a performance from Travis Scott, the rapper, on TNT. I was running while watching the beginning of this game. Boston Celtics took an early lead. Chicago Bulls fought back though. Dwayne Wade not playing tonight because of wrist injury. Wade and Chicago got that beef. Home Town City, man, needs Home Town Love. Chicago Bulls playing alright but the Celtics team got some good young players. They are suppose to be rebuilding. Good team building strategy from the team management.


The team leader, Isaiah Thomas, (who by the way stands 5’7) got heart. He knows how to use his body. He is good. Jae Crowder, a good young big body, as a forward. Tyler Zeller, a good skilled big man. He can play. Terry Rozier, a young good guard; he is better than I thought. Kelly Olynyk, the Canadian, who can dribble and shoot and a good big man is his own right. Celtics got a good young team and they have more draft picks to come. They are second in the east. They are playing and winning in the game right now, the Boston Celtics that is.

Celtics leading at the end of the 1st half by 58-52. Isaiah Thomas has 15 points at half in Chicago United Center. Jimmy Butler with an injured heel still balling with 15 points. In third quarter, Bulls took the lead. Celtics didn’t come out well in the 3rd quarter as you see as the 3rd quarter ended. Chicago Bulls wining in the end of the 3rd quarter  by 81-78. The fourth quarter, the quarter of who got the push heart. The game was close at the end. You already know Isaiah Thomas was making free throws and hard lay ups to keep his team in it.


Under a minute left, Celtics wining by a point. Bulls playing good defense. Last game before the All Star Break, lets see who wants it more. Bulls has possession with 50.3 seconds left. 103-102 Boston Celtics. Celtics playing good defense and got the ball back. Marcus Smart playing good defense with the block on Jimmy Butler. The game came down to the wire as the refs called a non-foul on Marcus Smart and Jimmy Butler went to the free throw line to win the game. Boston really won this game, that wasn’t a foul. Bulls won this 104-103.

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Wednesday Night Match Up


Carmelo Anthony didn’t play good the last time. Knicks played OKC, BUT on Wednesday night Melo was on fire. Scoring 19 in the first quarter only and the Knicks had the lead big — 17 points, Knicks lead. OKC fighting back and cut the lead down. Andre Roberson have no answer for Melo is…is on Fire. Blazing hot! On the night Melo finding out he is on the All Star Team, he made it known the All Star coach decision was a good one. But OKC Thunders came back and making the game close. 56-52 Knicks in the second quarter till the Thunders took the lead.

You already know Russell Westbrook was going to do his thing. He is a melo1tripple double waiting to happen. Dropping dimes on them. Basketball dropping dimes, dropping dimes. Bounce pass dimes. Russell Westbrook does it again with his 27th Triple Double of the season. Man! he is a triple dub machine. Earlier in the game, it looked like the New York Knicks had this game BUT the Thunders was taking this game over. Thanks to Russell Westbrook (of course).



Russell Westbrook in 29 minutes, had 11 rebounds and assists and 27 points only in the 3rd quarter. The Thunders wasn’t playing tonight. They let the Knicks feel themselves like they were going to win earlier on in the game. But Westbrook with the Flush Dunk. Steals and dunks by Westbrook. Thunders comeback from the deficits and won at home. Home win! Triple Double Westbrook. Thunder up for the win. Westbrook dropped 38 points and Carmelo Anthony scored 30 points.

116-105 Thunders Win. Getting Buckets. Brainy Versatility.

Two Good Teams

NHL’s Monday Night was a match up between two good teams and it was a fight till the end. New York Rangers went over to play the Columbus Blue Jackets at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. This game was about who ever had the most shots on goal with the most efficiency will win this game. Blue Jackets had more shots with 32 and Rangers got 23 shots. They were going at it. This game was going back forth. Ranger had the most efficiency so who you think won this game.


It took till the 3rd quarter to finish the game off. Blue Jackets finished this game in the last period allowing two goals for the Rangers to win. Both teams had no power plays goals BUT did had some hits in. The winning team had less hits with 5 than the beaten which has 8 hits. You can tell this game was going to be a good one and a close from both team records. They have similar records. Rangers are 37-18-1 and Blue Jackets are 35-15-5.

Left Wing Jimmy Vesey who looks like a New Yorker, by the way and Antti Raanta the Goal tender were the reason the rangers won. The goal tender saved 30 shots out of 32 so that is pretty good. The game was final at 3-2 Rangers, so they went away and came back with a W. Went in the Blue Jackets house took their cookies and some milk getting that double dip in since they got the WIN, Looool.

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MSG Closed Up

This game I thought the Spurs was going to win BUT I was wrong. The game was close to the end. I thought the San Antonio Spurs was going to pull away with the lead. The New York Knicks was sticking around and leading most in the game. Spurs didn’t have their normal game this Sunday Afternoon game. Kawhi Leonard was making clutch shots in this game. Knicks’ defense came through at the end though; their offense did some damage too.


Willy Hernangomez is a good player and a finesse player making acrobatic lay up and dunks. He can get double figures and a good center for the Knicks. Good young guy for the Knicks to have; however, this game was Melo game though. Carmelo Anthony put the fist in the heart of the Spurs with his 3 point to put the Knicks even further after the steal on the other end by the Knicks. The game was still close though Melo and Kawhi going at it.


Melo end the game with his mid range jumper. The game was in the hands of the Knicks to win. This win will be their biggest win of the year. Well the season, so yeah and they did it! They won and close the game out in Madison Square Garden on Sunday Afternoon. This game was a good close finish. Melo got clutch in his veins. He led his team to victory this game. Heart and being clutch. Knicks won by 4 94-90.

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