Diet pills? Herbal tea? Fat-burning gadgets? All of these are made available to us by infomercials in between the shows we are watching on TV, even on YouTube. HOWEVER, taking these stuff alone is not the ONLY one we need to lose weight. We need a proper workout to add in our daily routine, so if you all want to know what workout I am doing, well, this is it below. Four minutes and high intense workout that will get you sweating and losing weight. This is not a joke. Its fun too.

Credits to the owner of the Youtube Channel – Brandon Carter. A big shout out to this guy getting his body right. For more vlogs please visit his channel:



PROGRESS WEEK: The process of a body Changing!

WORKOUT WEEK ( 56-62 )

The progress and result of sticking to workout routines.

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Monday, April 10, 2017: Quiet Day

Nothing much with the day but I did get some errands handled. Set my to-do list for the week. Set my everyday target goal. I did not eat much today because I was not in the mood to eat but at the end of the day, I got a Publix subs. YOOOO that Sub was on Steroids. I could have done curls with it that’s how heavy it was. They put love in my subs aww lol. I didn’t eat the subs till Tuesday though. That footlong sub was on some heavy meat and vegetables 😀  I liked it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017:  Checklist

Tuesday was pretty straightforward. I had to finish everything on my checklist and got everything I need to do on Wednesday done. My body is really changing. I see the cuts and my leg looking more and more athletic. I am doing more cardio now. Tuesday is a cardio/basketball day. It is not that bad just a quick workout and running day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017: Rainy Day

It started raining In the morning. I really didn’t feel like doing anything on Wednesday. You already know I was going to get my workout in later on in the day. Raining or Not! I like weight training days along with long run days 😀 I am getting used to running now. My body is getting used to it as well. I can tell with my body looking all defined.

Thursday, April 13. 2017: Minding my Business

I was minding my business most of the day. I got my cardio in and I think I am going to expand on my running to get even a better result. I need to start stretching more I also need to start drinking more water. I am thinking about getting some new herbs so If I do be ready to check out the Brainy reviews.

Friday. April 14, 2017: Rest Day

I cannot even remember what I did Friday lol. Stuff about to get busy for me so I need to get more organized and focus. I rest Friday but you know even when I rest I still workout. The workout is mandatory. NO MATTER WHAT. Even if I am injured I am still doing some kind of workout. Flashback to the days I disturb a nerve in my foot and I had to wear a cast for weeks. GUESS WHAT? I was still doing squats and using dumbbells to workout. NO EXCUSES. Get your workout in.

Saturday, April 15, 2017: Getting it in

Where ever I am at if I am there people wants to be there lol  What can I say am balling like that lol. I like working out with no distractions but if distraction comes I am still focused. The goal is to get to the facility and get this body better. Plain and simple. It is a Saturday so not much happening at least this Saturday except for my basketball drills, talking, spending time with some people. I am telling you all this drill workout getting my body all right.

Sunday, April 16.2017: Easter Sunday

I did some cardio with some friends and relaxed. NBA playoffs time so you already where I am at. A chill day with some music so it was a good day. Refreshing my body for Monday but I think I am going to change it up. My workout that is so I can add some more different workouts so I don’t get too bored working out. I think I am going to do some cardio days and weight training. Chill from the basketball drills. I know I will miss it but time for a change.


Week Of Workouts(35-41)

Week Work of Workouts: New Workout Week (35-41)

This is my workout week from March 20-26


Monday: New Workout try out 😀
I started a new workout straight off my Broccoli and Fish challenge on March 20th. I will post my journey with Broccoli and Fish Challenge soon. This workout is about the quick explosive workout. I will show you guys a link to the workout video before this post is posted. I like it because it is quick and explosive which is what I want. I wanted something quick so I can finish it and go on by my day. It composes of 3 exercises using a dumbbell and my body weight. It gets the job done.


Tuesday: Techniques and explosive Tuesday


Again, another new set of workout created by myself from my previous workout set I just finished. But, with this workout, I added more workout to it that are quick and explosive. The goals are for me to jump higher and move better. I am doing back lunges and as soon as I get up from the back lunges I explode in a running position and sprint. Second, I try to touch the rim. Third, I am driving my knee as high as I can to try to touch the rim. Fourth, Stop and go for basketball hesitation explosiveness. Fifth, Practicing the techniques of jumping off two feet. Five quick and explosive exercises that should be done in 20mins or less.

Wednesday: Get that body right Wednesday

Similar workout to Monday workout just now I know what I am doing. With that, I knocked it out and moved on with my day. Quick and easy. Workouts are much easier when you are eating well. Oh yeah, I am doing 3 set of 5 repetitions for the explosive workouts for each exercise. Not much to say about Wednesday but I got it done.

Thursday: Feel like dunking Thursday

I am getting the techniques and explosive move down. I am timing myself to make sure I finish around that 20mins mark. The workout might look long but I am doing 5 repetitions of each workout. Sometimes I do 5reps for both legs separately. This means I am working out my left and right leg. I am doing this for some time. I need to book my next workouts because I am going to be busy soon so just in case I don’t slack. I will have workouts booked for the remainder of the year. Probably going to do 8 weeks workout routines later on. Yeah, I know boring but I will find ways to make it fun by doing different variations of the exercises.

Friday: Chilling Friday
Friday was a chill day. Chill and did my workout. Of course, I ate some vegetables and lasagna hmmm lasagna. Friday was alright. Not much I can remember from Friday but I am sure I did my workout. I am pretty much-moving every day of the week. Friday was one of those days that I was everywhere and wanted to chill.

Saturday: Get it done Saturday

Saturday, I just wanted to finish my leg workouts and go watch some basketball. Basketball Saturday. March Madness you know. I know you all feel what I am talking about lol. Nothing wrong with watching basketball especially on the weekends. The games were good. Some teams surprising me like Oregon and Gonzaga. Good games Saturday though.

Sunday: No workout Day

I mean, I don’t workout on Sunday but I workout anyway because I do activities with friends either Monday, Sunday, or pretty much any day of the week. So, technically I am not doing an official or Mandatory workout on Sundays. Sundays are my official chill day so I can Refresh for Monday.


I will be posting Workout Week 42-48 Next. The week of March 27- April 2. After that, It will be the Broccoli and Fish Challenge Post.Hope you all have a good beginning of the WEEK!

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New XPLOSIVE Workout

XPLOSIVE exercises that will make your body change and tone up. We all want to increase our strength and be a strong individual. Being a strong individual means you are physically and mentally healthy.  This workout will make you healthy overall. Also, this explosive workout will make you quicker and explosive if you play any sports. Overall, good explosive workout that workouts the whole body. This Explosive workout will help get your body FIT. So this is my NEW WORKOUT! Well, this is part of my NEW workout series for some weeks. I am bringing you into my workout world. You can do this XPLOSIVE workout at home or at the gym. The XPLOSIVE workout is made for home workout though. I do this at home. I have been doing this workouts for some weeks now but it is still New though. This WORKOUT IS FOR LADIES AND GENTLEMAN. FEEL FREE TO TRY IT OUT 😀


Quick and easy explosive workout done in 10 minutes or less with just 2 Dumbbell.


Video Credit to:  ATHLEAN-X. More Vlogs from ATHLEAN_X Visit:

ATHLEAN-X has some good workout videos. This is just one part of my workouts. I like it so far. So I am all smiles. It gets the Job done. Later on, I will post my New Xplosive Workout post. I would take you through my Journey of this Xplosive Workout. STAY TUNE! Thanks for reading.

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Day 29 and 30: Spike Up!

spikeup.pngMonday was good. Refreshed…eat some tangerine to start my day and off to make some money. I prepared like 4 bottles with a little bit of apple cider vinegar in it, so I was ready for anything. I am losing weight and feeling good. Workout Monday was okay got it done, like I always do…so you already know :D. Apple Cider Vinegar push me through the last rep of the workout. Those long leap jumps and vertical jumps right after get to you. Finished it off with some free-throws. My dribbles getting better so this basketball workouts is good. I eat some fish and broccoli. Need to cook my fish thoroughly though. I need to start stretching more because of stomach cramps. Stomach cramps are no joke, like they will come and get that muscle and tightening it up. So painful and last for some minutes. I need to stretch more and drink more than a gallon of water a day. Drank some more water, so no more cramps. I got this:D

Tuesday was okay. I had to change up my meals. Getting cod but I wanted salmon, but the fat was bothering me…so I got the cod. Geesh! Fishes are expensive. Got the cod and it taste alright. I was feeling better. Needed a change of food in my mouth. Now to the workout, it went right quick, so the quick workouts means a lot of sweating. Sweating then some cod and broccoli afterwards. I got through the workout and went on to the rest of my day. Lets do this. Workout. Workout. Workout. Now stretching so I don’t get no cramps.

Overall, my workouts are going good, along with the diet I am in right now. I need to find a balance plan for a lifestyle though, instead of doing diets. I think, I might of find it. It is try and see kind of thing because you don’t know how it is and if it will work till you try it. So I will try some new food plans and see if that works for me. I will let you all know about it. Probably going to start doing some cooking. Show you all my master chefs skills, LOL. Yeah, workout is going good. Good to be back in the game. I am slowly getting in the game. So let’s get this workout in. BE Adaptive. BE Active. Brainy Versatility! 😀